Oct 16 2019

John Mayer – Carry me away tour

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It was 18th August 2017, I remember it as it was yesterday. I got out of my hotel in Philadelphia, and slowly made my way to the ferry. My heart was beating in my chest with the speed of a hummingbird. I was going across the river, to Camden to a John Mayer concert. It was the first time I was to hear him live after dreaming about it for years. And it was my birthday and I just knew, no other birthday present would beat this.

It was 2010  when I heard his song Say, three years after it was released.

Before that time, I have never heard of him. I was in a relationship with a taciturn troubled young man and running out of ideas to make him open up and let me in. I sang that song in my head while navigating the stormy seas of that relationship hoping that we would make it. We didn’t.

I guess I met his music at an interesting time, when my feelings were in sync with what he was singing. Add in my fascination with guitar music, and there I was, a fan was born. John Mayer has been in a serious competition for the title of my favourite singer with Darren Hayes. In the end I settled it by naming Darren Hayes my favourite vocalist and John Mayer, my favourite guitarist.

I love his music, I love the sounds he can produce on a guitar and I also love the messages in his songs, be it political or personal, there is always a feeling in his songs that I empathize with. I love his music so much, but I must confess, sometimes the line between the love for the music and the love for the man has been blurred a little. I have never been a groupie, but I was jealous of Katy Perry. Just a little.

As I was preparing to take off for Dublin I felt a little off. I usually feel a little off when leaving home, mostly because of the cat. But this was something different. I was a little anxious, but it was that type of anxiety as I have forgotten something important. But everything was there: money – check, passport – check, ticket to the John Mayer concert – CHECK!.

I landed in Dublin and hopped on a bus to the city that dropped me on the side of the Liffey river. It was a beautiful sunny day and the 30 minutes walk to the hotel was an occasion to observe the changes that Dublin is going through. The river bank is being filled with glass building hosting million euro businesses, which I guess is good for somebody. Not for the Liffey river though, because its losing its Irish traditional charm.

I got to the hotel, took a quick shower and headed to 3Arena, where the concert was going to take place.

While drinking a Murphy’s in the 3Arena bar I realized what the off feeling was. I realized what I had forgotten. It was 16th of October, and it was John Mayer’s birthday. When I bought the ticket, in March this year, I just picked a date in Dublin, because I knew Dublin. And I liked Dublin. I did not realize it was his birthday, because I’m not a groupie. :)
So funny coincidence, the first time “we met” it was my birthday. The second time “we met” it was his birthday. I’m curious what will be the meaning of the third time.

Don’t expect quality photos, 12 MegaPixels can only do so much.

As for the concert… it was astounding. 3Arena is not that big and the sound was very good. I could hear his voice and all the instruments quite clearly. I tried to pay attention to every detail, to every chord, I tried to take it all in and imprint it on my brains. I did not want to miss a thing and I wanted to remember it all. The concert started at 8 pm and ended at 11 pm, with a 15 minutes break. While I was there it seemed like it would never end. I did not want it to end.

John Mayer is very talented, but his band does quite a lot of heavy lifting as well. I like going to see and hear him live, because he improvises a lot. When he sings live, he never sings a song the same way twice. And he is so damn talented and so damn humble. Not something you might find about him if you’d google him though. Why do I say he is humble? He said thank you to his public after every song, and he took the time to talk his public, to explain meanings of some songs, or talk about feelings he had when he wrote them. I don’t remember him doing that at the concert in Camden, two years ago. So, whatever he is going through, he is still growing as a person and it’s mesmerizing to see it happen.

Dear John Mayer, thank you for an unforgettable experience. Until next time, I wish you all the best this world has to offer.

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