Oct 29 2019

The peculiar view

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In 2011 one of the companies I was working for at the time delegated me to Dublin for two weeks. For some reason they got me a room in a four star hotel in the city centre. The hotel was called Trinity City Hotel and those two weeks spent there was the best experience I had in a hotel in my whole life.

The room was big and I had a king size bed with the most comfortable mattress and sheets ever. The windows were covered by some heavy blinds, that were covered with velvet on the interior and some kind of leather on the exterior. Everything inside the room aside the sheets, was super velvety and fluffy to the touch. It was an amazing feeling. Anyway, initially I did not understand why the blinds needed to be that heavy. Seriously speaking, they were difficult to handle and I was afraid if they fell off from their support, I would have difficulties lifting them from the ground.

Being a troubled sleeper, I covered the windows completely and just left a small space between them, so a ray of light could squeeze in in the morning, and make it easier to wake up. And in the morning I found out why the heavy blinds were needed.

At 6 am, I was woken up by some sort of alarm. It was not a strong and annoying sound, but it was repetitive. So I got out of the bed and went to look through the window. And I was mesmerized. In what it looked like an interior yard there were a bunch of medium muscular men, running around the yard, doing pushups and other exercises that looked like a warming up session before a more serious physical activity. I thought I was having a weird dream, and after shaking my head to make sure I was not sleeping, I started analysing the rest of the yard. It looked like a Fire Station and the men were definitely firefighters. Their morning exercise was not bad to look at, especially since they were not wearing any shirts and a few of them looked like the ones on those charity firefighter calendars. So yeah, for two weeks, that was my alarm. And believe me, it worked as a charm. And the blinds combined with the three layered windows were designed to be sound proof; and thy did thier job pretty well.

Apparently the hotel owns the front part of the building and the fire department owns a smaller part from the back.

Anyway, every time I happen to tell some people this story they tend to look at me like I have an over-active imagination. I mean, it is unbelievable enough for a Fire Station to be encapsulated by a four star hotel building, but good looking firefighters training shirtless in the morning !? Kinda far fetched, right?

So, you can choose not to believe the firefighters part, but the hotel really exists and I have a picture to prove the peculiar set up.

Surely though, if I ever find myself again needing to go to Dublin and manage to get a room at an acceptable price at this hotel, I will ask for a room with a view to the Fire Station yard. :D

Stay safe, stay happy!

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