Nov 23 2019

My heart is better than that

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George Michael died on the 25th of December 2016. He is yet another artist that I never got to hear singing live and I get sad when I think about it.

He was one of the greatest musicians of this century, that managed to score numerous number ones in the whole world with little promotion and without even appearing in his videos. His personal life was marked by numerous tragedies, that are relfected in his lyrics.

In White light he sings Cause there’s no white light and I’m not through/I’m alive I’m alive…/And I’ve got so much more that I want to do. And four years later he died. Oh, the irony …

I haven’t listened to his music in a while. I forgot just how much his lyrics and voice moved me. I was reminded of how much I love his music when Darren Hayes shared a single of his that was released post-mortem.

I recognize some of my feelings in his lyrics. He was singing at 53 that he will always try to get his shit together. I am 36 and I was worried I took a wrong turn somewhere and instead of having a stable, fixed life, with wants, needs and plans that no longer change, I still have doubts and still fight to get and keep my shit together.

So thank you George for reminding me from beyond the grave that I am fine as I am and whatever I’m going through is normal.

The lyric I love most of this song is “my heart is better than that“. I took it and made it my anthem. And every time something gets me sad, bitter, or angry I just remind myself, that my heart too, is better than that.

Enjoy his music, celebrate his life. He was a kind human being and we lost him too soon.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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