Jan 16 2020

Time for atonement

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Although I am proud of myself for finally being able to keep my assumptions to my self, this doesn’t apply to the internet. Or at least not to this blog. I still have to learn when to wait and digest things before posting a reply to a comment.

On this blog I am the author. I speak to my readers and I use the second tense. When I read my own posts my perspective is that of the author. And because I am the author and those are my opinions I don’t feel offended by them. How could I be, I am subjective right?

When reading the comments my perspective changes. I am the reader and my comments are directed to me.

Just look at this exchange:

This is a series of comments at my previous entry. It took me more than twenty four hours to realize that my reader Cip indeed did not meant what I thought he did. Because his perspective was that of an author too. My perspective was that of the reader of his comment and I felt like the target of that “you”.  And because of my own frustration of not having enough time to read as much as I wish, I felt attacked and reacted like that.

Please notice my reply full of malice. I am fully ashamed of that reply, but I will leave it there as a reminder to do better. So dear Cip, I am truly sorry for snapping at you.

I’ve always believed that we view the world the way we are, not the way it is. And on a smaller scale, most times, we treat people the way we are, not the way they are. And yesterday I’ve been an asshole. But there is something that is important in my comment.

You shouldn’t give a fuck about people assumptions. Thier assumptions are rooted into who they are, not into who you are. Assumptions are conclusions drawn with a lot of missing context. So do not let them affect you too much.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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