Feb 09 2020

The one with the appendicitis

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So, after a lot of thinking and postponing I joined a gym. I’ve found a cheap one that I won’t feel guilty if I pay for it but end up not going. The first time I went there, I went with a friend of mine and ended up with a full body muscular fever that plagued me for two days.

The second time, I had a free induction session with a personal trainer and I had 30 minutes of exercise. That was this Wednesday. Yesterday, I felt fine all over except a small area closer to the pelvis, the right side, where the appendix is. So I panicked. Because I am soon to go home and an operation like that would probably hinder that plan.

In my panic, I went over all the options. I could go to the emergency then, get the operation, done laparoscopically should heal pretty fast. I could call a few people to find one that would take care of my cat. It could be done, there was nothing to worry about.

And then, in my panic it hit me… my pain was not only on the right side, and it was upper than it should be. And it hurt a little on the left side as well. It wasn’t my appendix it was my damn ovaries, because I’m a female of this species and I have two of these. The reason they decided to hurt in unison at this time is because I stopped taking my contraception pills. Why? Because I’ve been taking them since I was 20 years old for a hormonal unbalance that left me with painful heavy periods that lasted for seven days. And I usually choose a month during the year when I do not take them, just to give my ovaries some time to function normally. Well, functioning normally also means that they hurt like hell.

Apparently in my eagerness to start the year, and do many things, including getting back into shape I forgot I stopped taking the pills. And the pain of remembrance hit me with full force, only I’ve confused it initially with appendicitis.

The funny thing is that this is not the first time this happens. Once every few years I forget that I’m off the pills and get scared I have appendicitis. Next time, I swear I’ll make a note and set myself a timer when to start taking them again.

The male readers of my blog have no idea how lucky they are not to be blessed with ovaries. I envy you so much.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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