Feb 09 2020

Down de rabbit hole

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Whenever I start doing something new or plan to make a change in my life I thend to over-plan and over-research. Moving to Edinburgh was a six month plan. I started looking for a job, a house, how to get my cat there, how to make the change from renting short term, to renting long term, how the taxes are, what the salaries are for my level, etc. And except a few hiccups, everything went according to plan.

It is really difficult for me to get passionat about something, but I have my moments when I over-engage.

A few weeks ago I decided that it is about time to change a few things here and there in my diet and decided to get a blender to make some shakes. And when buying a blender I relied on the internet and a few hours later I decided a Cookhouse 800W Multi Blender was the best compromise between power and price.The good part? On my evil pal’s Amazon site, there was this blender being sold together with a Coffe Grinder. And since I was to have a coffe grinder it was about time to start buying coffee beans and grind them myself. But I did not know what kind of coffe beans I wanted to buy.

I would have loved to be able to by some Amig coffee beans, but this kind of brand is not available in the UK. So, I did the next best thing, I did some research to find out what made Amigo coffee so great and  try to find the closest possibile coffee that could be bought in the UK.  And this led me to find out that there are 120 species of coffee plants, but the two type of plants that are most poluar  are Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora also known as robusta. These two produce different types of coffee beans. But as a coffee drinker there are two important things to consider:

  • coffeine content: arabica has less (1.2%), robusta has more (2.2%)
  • sugar content: arabica has more, robusta has less

Another thing that robusta has more of is CGA, chlorogenic acid which is a significant antioxidant and insect deterrent.

I’ve always preffered arabica, I’ve loved the taste and the smell, and those two are a consequence of the sugar, which caramelizes a little during roasting and give it a very nice flavor. Beside Amigo, my preferred coffee is Lavazza Oro, and now I knew why. It was 100% arabica.

So I could buy Lavazza beans, or I could try something 100% robusta. Apparently robusta is quite bitter so it is rearely consumed pure. That is why Lavazza offers quite a few mixed bends. So as you can imagine my next quest was to find a company that sold 100% robusta coffee. And I found a type of coffee named Devil’s Roast, produced by the Black Donkey Coffee Roasters.

And now, I had the grinder and I had the coffee, all I needed was a way to make coffee properly. And so, I ordered myself a Moka Pot as well.

I know by now this entry sounds like a coffee/Amazon commercial. I just gave you the links in case you are interested and want to buy some tried and tested products.

Anyway, the grinder arrived and so did the coffee. And soon I had my first batch batch of coffee that I grinded myself.

Robusta coffee is not as parfumed or tasty as arabica, but it grows on you. And it grew on me as well. But, I will probaby try a full arabica if I can find one soon enough. Just for the fun of it and the love of coffee.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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