Feb 11 2020

Remember when …

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… I asked you the disaster question: what would happen to your life if electricity would just stop in your city?

Well, it happened to me, but luckily it wasn’t in the whole city, it was just me.

A week ago, on a Saturday after a serious spring house cleaning, in the evening I happily jumped into the shower. I was all sweaty and in a dire need of a hot shower. But as soon as I pressed the button of my electrical shower the lights in the house turned off. No worries, I would just go to the fuse box and check which switch is down and turn it up.

I got out of the shower, I put a towel on, got in the hallway and grabbed the small flashlight that I keep close just in case something like this ever happens. I get to the fuse box and … all switches were up. So it wasn’t one of my fuses that blew up. So… what was happening?

At this point I decided that I have to get dressed because clearly shower was out of the question and getting my electricity back won’t be an easy task. So I put some clothes on and I got outside to check who else was without electricity. If it was the whole neighbourhood, then it would either be fixed fast, either I was in serious trouble. Fortunately, or unfortunately it was just me. The electricity was out just on my property.

So I went to my utilities cupboard and looked for my renting documents to find the emergency electrician number. I found it and called it. Thirty minutes of chat and photo-sharing through WhatsApp(photos with my fusebox) the conclusion was that the main fusebox was blown and Scottish Power was in charge of that.

The main problem with that was that he did not have their number, so I had to do some internet searching on my phone. Well, I found it and I called it. It was 11 pm and I honestly had no expectation. Romania has taught me so. But surprisingly, somebody answered and after a short chat the lady at the other end confirmed that in their system it showed indeed that there was no power in my property. She then asked me how urgent it is, and if there are kids or persons with disabilities in the house, typical questions I guess in case of an emergency intervention. I told that that is urgent, being winter and all, but not that urgent and we settled to wait for an operative to come by my house in the morning between 7 and 10. She then gave me the ID of my request, in case I needed to call later in case something goes wrong. The poor lady tried three times to make me understand the full number, but after she repeated it the third time, and I still not understood the last half of it, because of her string Scottish accent, I just thanked her kindly and crossed my fingers that I won’t need that id.

He came at 8:30 am and he changed my fuse. By that time there were 15 degrees Celsius in my house, and my cat was sleeping under the covers. So yeah, too cold even for her and she has fur. :)

So, what did I do in those nine hours without electricity? I stayed in bed, clearly. And for two hours I read at candle light one of the books that I was looking forward too for a while. I’ll probably write an entry about it in the near future.

I gotta congratulate Scottish Power though, they were responsive and punctual as a Swiss watch. I think I’m gonna like living in Scotland. ;)

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