Feb 29 2020

Gym hate :D

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With a little bit of delay and a long pause on my writing on my blog it is that time of the month when I have to write something to make sure I am worth the beer my dear reader Juan is buying for me.

This month this is the beer:

I do have a penchant for Pale Ale beers, so when I found this German Pale Ale, I had to try it. Cheers to you, Juan!

As for the reason I’ve been so busy… I’ve joined a gym. And a ceilidh dancing class. And I’m reviewing a book. I’ve been to yet another concert in Glasgow. And I am quite busy with work. But I’ll expand those topic one by one in due time.

Let’s start with the gym thing. I’ve told you numerous times that I hate going to they gym. That hasn’t changed. Unfortunately my love for good food and the job that keeps me mostly in a chair hasn’t changed either. Thus if I’m not careful I will get fat and out of shape pretty fast. A few weeks ago, one of my friends that is a dedicated gym goer convinced me to join in. And I did, and now I’m struggling to make it to the gym twice a week. I really have a discipline problem, I know. I am working on it, but the comfort of a steady job and steady life has taken its toll on me.

Anyway, I made it to the gym yesterday and managed to be in there for 1 hour and 45 minutes. I ran for 15 minutes and then just had fun with all the machines in there destined to help you exercise certain groups of muscles. While on the treadmillI was looking into one of the screens hanging on the gym walls. Those screen always display recordings with already properly fit people doing all kinds of sports. Yesterday, it was indoor climbing. And I realized something about me. I’m not sure if those videos impress anybody or motivate them to work out harder, but they are not doing it for me. Why? Because I’m a realist. I know the job I have, I know how my life is and what my priorities are. I would love to be properly fit someday, but that will only happen if I somehow learn to write code while on a treadmill, or while lifting weights. Seeing what other people look like and what they are capable to do with their bodies, just makes me more disheartened about exercising (supersizing – holy macro how did this happen?? How did I end up writing supersizing instead of exercising and not noticing it when proof-readin this entry ?This must be the most hillarious mistake I’ve made so far when writing on this blog), because with less than four hours at the gym weekly, I will never get there.

But you know what motivates me? Thinking about how some of my clothes that I love no longer fit me, because my ass and other parts are wider because I’ve gotten fat gets me running on that treadmill as my life depended on it. Thinking about my obese mother makes me put 10 more kilograms on that leg press. Thinking about how my knee got sprained because it had no muscles to keep it in place makes make me double the number of squats I make. If motivational videos were customizable, for me showing me fat people struggling to tie up their shoes, showing me medical videos with the side-effects of fat getting stored in the body in excess, that would definitely do the work. Yes, my motivation is fear based. For me inspiration is fear based. I don’t want to be as fit as Dwayne Johnson, I just want to be fit enough to be healthy and have an acceptable degree of mobility and flexibility specific to a decent quality of life and decent amount of self esteem.

Just to make it clear; this is not a fat shaming entry. It is not an entry about how I do not like my body. It’s an entry about how I struggle to find a compromise between the part of life I have to give up to enjoy the rest of my life. In a way or another, we all have to make the same choice. I am choosing to dedicate about four hours to the gym per week, although I hate it, to make sure that I am healthy enough to hike a mountain, to do some ceilidh dancing without dropping dead afterwards and to make sure that I can wear the same clothes for as long as possible, to avoid some child or poor person in a third world country being exploited in the interest of some clothing business.

But yeah, I still hate the gym, so as soon as the weather allows me to run and cycle outside, I’m cancelling my subscription.

And this, my darling was the entry about the gym. My next entries will cover the rest of the topics. ;)

Stay safe, stay happy!

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