Mar 08 2020

Friday morning coffee thoughts

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Ever morning while drinking my coffee I read the news. I guess that is what adults do. I’m kidding of course. I started reading the news because of the coronavirus. I soon have to go back to Romania for a while and I just wanted to be prepared. Not sure for what, but people, as a herd, when they are scared tend to behave in a very crazy manner.

One of my favourite new sites is the Edinburgh News, because it’s local and useful. The news are literally stories about things happening in this city, what roads are being closed for work, which shop has incredible promotions, if winds are affecting transportation, what kind of events are happening and if people got hurt, where and why, etc. And because Coronavirus is something people are worried about, they do mention it here and there now.

But on Friday morning the main page looked like this:

And my first thought was: “Oww, fuck I hope these are not Romanians gypsies!”. Why? Well, Romanians have a talent in recognizing gypsies that are originating from Romania, there’s just something about their faces. I read the article, scrolled down to find this:

Communicating through google translate, one of the clowns claimed to be a Romanian national and was open about their tactics of giving the balloon to a child and then demanding money from the unsuspecting parent. He admitted that he would take the balloon back from the child if no payment was provided.

Here’s the thing, this article might be considered inappropriate in the current political correctness obsessed world, so if you think might be offended stop reading now. But I need to at least try to make people understand the difference between Romanian people and the Romanian gypsies.

The Rroma people, are descendants of people originating in India and brought over to Romania as slaves, hundreds of years ago. When slavery became something frowned upon in Europa, they were “set free”. The reason I put “set free” in italic is because that freedom meant being homeless and penniless in country that was not civilized enough to give them a chance. They may have been forcefully brought over to Romania, but after being set free, they did not return back to India. Would have been an impossible task since they were set free without any compensation for their years of work. So they “chose” to remain here, but could not be integrated fully in our society. Those that could be integrated, became citizens of the banal country of Romania.

Those that could not be integrated became gypsies, nomads, moving from place to place, living from the mercy of people, or from their nativity. They did not have identity cards, they kids were not sent to school. Never staying for too much time in one place, is also a suitable environment for criminal activities, since it’s difficult to be caught. And some of them engaged in that as well.

These are the Romanian gypsies. These are the plague of the Romanian society. You could say that we did this ourselves, since our predecesors were so eager to jump into the “we’d like some slaves” boat, but still. Honestly, I think every country has their own. The Romanian gypsies, were locked inside Romania together with the Romanian people during communism. Communism was not kind to them either, so no wonder that when communism fell and people could leave Romania, they left as well. Before in the UE, it was difficult to leave Romania since you needed a VISA. To get a VISA you needed to have a passport. To have a passport you had to have an identity card. To have an identity card you need to prove a stable residence. Obviously, not many gypsies could get an identity card. But EU and Schengen changed all that, because they could move freely. And boy they did, because now they were free to cover a lot more ground.
I’m not judging their way of life. We all survive the way we can. But their way is toxic to a civilized society.

So there I was, one day after being approved for a pre-settlement status in the UK, which I needed to get because of Brexit, reading that article and I’ve found myself thinking: “No wonder UK wanted out”.

I mean let’s reduce the scale. Let’s say you are having a party at your house and you invite some friends. You have a big house, and a lot of friends and some people from your neighbourhood come uninvited, they crush your party. Once in your house some of them get drunk and start destroying your house, so you and a few of your friends kick them out. You are entitled to kick them out if they misbehave, because it is your house, it is your right.

At the scale of a country, kicking them out has little chances of success, unless you prevent them from getting back in. And this is what UK is doing, is trying to implement a system to prevent these kind of people from coming here. I mean, every country has their own uncivilized people taking advantage of the civilized ones. Preventing their number from growing by requesting immigrants to provide some kind of proof of their trust-worthiness is not absurd.

I mean, look at the description of the behaviour of that beggar. He is aggressive, he is taking advantage of parents with small children. I look at those pictures and I am scared. Well, I’ve never liked clowns anyway, and Joker probably has convinced a lot of people that dressing as a clown is a bad idea. But damn… that is not a friendly face. That is a threatening face. And that is an able bodied human who could have a decent job if he wanted to. But he probably doesn’t want to. Because he already might be part of a big begging network. The way he looks, he might even be the handler of all the others in the image. Because rarely beggars these days are singular. Usually they are part of a network.

So, until somehow we’ll be able to filter all of the bad behaved persons and either educate them, either isolate them from the civilized world, just fight them silently by bankrupting their business, stop giving them money. You are working hard for your money. So should they.

And I should make another thing clear. If I manage to stay enough in this country to get an UK passport, that will not make me British. Even if I speak the same language and respect the rules of this society and pay taxes, this still doesn’t make me British.

Just because they have a Romanian identity card and they declare themselves Romanian nationals, that doesn’t make them Romanians. In Romania they insist on being called Rroma and scream they are discriminated if you call them gypsies. Romania is just the country where they got the identity card.

And because not all of us are adults: all my unhappiness is not with the gypsies or Rroma people altogether. I am sure there are honest people among them that are capable and happy to be part of a civilized society. They are not the target of this article. Actually, there is no target, just a bunch of thoughts that went through my mind while drinking my coffee and reading that article.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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