Mar 14 2020

Here it goes…

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The last time I was in Romania was last year in June. This year I was planning to go home a little bit after the middle of March. I planned most of details since November. I bought the tickets in January after checking up with my dentist, because since I was there it was worth a checkup from the only dentist I ever trusted.

Problem is … coronavirus pandemic happened. And after struggling a lot to make a decision, I made the safest one for all. I postponed everything for next year.

I’m not scared for me. I am pretty healthy and I’ll definitely survive if I catch it. I’ve also been very careful and went to work only by car or bike. And I’m already an obsessive hand washer. But I have colleagues coming to work by bus. And to get home I have to pass through three airports and share the same place for hours with other people. They might be sick and contagious but in the period without symptoms. How can I go home and in good conscience hug my godson, his sister, my mom, my dearest friends, my favourite aunt and tell them that I love them, while I might be giving them the damn virus?

Nope. It’s a chance I cannot take. I can’t risk their health.

So, tomorrow I will go to hunt for some food, because I kept postponing stacking up hoping that I will be able to fly to Romania. The cat is happy though, I made sure she had food since she was supposed to stay here for a while.

I’m sorry dear friends, our reunion has been postponed indefinitely, for your health and mine.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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