Mar 31 2020

The 18th day of quarantine

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The end of March is here, and of course it is time for the monthly beer, offered this month by Juan as well.(Thank you Juan!)

He donated the money and although there is a beer picture in this image, I’d like to think that the money from him are included in the 20 GBP I donated to NHS.

And since I have a beer and some blogging time let’s see what how my life has been in quarantine.

First day of quarantine: It’s the 14th of March. I really, really hoped I could fly to Romania. That didn’t seem likely to happen though. So I went shopping in preparation for the days when I’ll be locked in my home, like everybody else. Luckily I have a garden, so my isolation is not that bad.

Second day of quarantine: I should do something to prevent perishable food from getting bad. So a big part of my Sunday was spent cutting things and putting them into the freezer.

Third day of quarantine: I started telling people I’m not coming to Romania. This sucks. And I’m working from home. This monitor is not wide enough. I ordered a new monitor from Amazon. Damn you Bezos, the economy is collapsing and you are getting richer!

Fourth day of quarantine: It’s not so bad, but I think I’m eating more. I gotta stop this. Also, I need fruits and veggies.

Fifth day of quarantine: The new monitor is here and it is humongous(49 inch Ultrawide), what the fuck did I do ??? Oh well, it’s mine now. Heh, it’s so nice but … I should be on a plane right now. :((( Still, not bad for a consolation prize.

Sixth day of quarantine: Why does my head hurts, oh wait… I already told you about this.

Seventh day of quarantine: Cat please get off my chest, I can’t breathe… oh wait, there is no cat. Oh damn you Covid-19! In the evening, headache and all, I decided to make a Christmas Stollen. Why? Because I watched a Youtube video about making one and I fell in love with this cake.

Eighth day of quarantine: If I don’t feel better today I’ll call a doctor. Well, that did not happen, because I started feeling better. And I started my morning by putting the Christmas Stollen in the oven. And after it was ready and I had a piece soaked in maple syrup, I went back to sleep. Because the effort of breathing made me tired.

Ninth day of quarantine: I fell better. So I cleaned my house. Also. I’ve found a company that does veggies&fruit deliveries. Let’s see if this works.

Tenth day of quarantine: I have to work??? Yes I do, I feel well enough to work and I am lucky to work for a company that for now it is not really affected by the pandemic.

Eleventh day of quarantine: I really, really miss going to the office. Oh well…

Twelfth day of quarantine: It’s really not that bad, I just feel sad for my cat when I will go back to work again. Also, I would kill for a hug right now.

Thirteenth day of quarantine: I’ve just had an online gathering with my colleagues to play some silly games.

Fourteenth day of quarantine: I decided I need to start gardening. Depending on how long this pandemic lasts, the skill to be able to grow your own food is an invaluable one. So in my lunch break I got into my car and went to buy some seeds and stuff. The shop was closing and all the plans left outside were free. Except some small sweet pea plants, there was nothing else that could produce edible fruit, so I took two boxes. I left the rest for other interested parties. I hope somebody else has seen the potential. And because there were some wild pansies in bad shape I took two boxes of them too.

Also, this big ass monitor is made to play games, but I’m not sure what I would play. When I was studying at the university, a lot of my colleagues used to play Starcraft. I never had the time, nor the computer for it. I should try it, especially since it works on MacOS.

Fifteen day of quarantine: I just had a video call with my godson and his family. Best moment of the day. Fruits and veggies are here. Yeey! I also found a bakery that delivers. Let’s test this by getting baguettes and croissants. How much should I spend? Well, 10 GBP should be worth the delivery. Also today the wild pansies and the sweet peas, and a few other things have been planted. Let’s hope most of them make it.

And I learned how to cook a beef brisket.

Sixteenth day of quarantine: I just had my first remote piano lesson. It’s frustrating, because I’m so bad at this and I really miss my teacher. Also, the baguettes and the croissants are here. And they are divine. And now … how can bread be stored for more than two days? Because this is a lot of bread. Well, there is more space in the freezer. Lucky me!

Seventeenth day of quarantine: This coffee has lost its favour. I need to try a different one. I ordered two different types to get free delivery. Damn you Bezos!

Eighteenth day of quarantine: First day of playing Starcraft with people. I am shit at it, but damn I love it. I only wished I played more during university, but I was too busy being a different kind of nerd at the time.

And a healthy 13 year old kid has died from Covid-19. FML is this virus killing random people now? What the actual fuck? What if mine wasn’t Covid-19? I’m not leaving my premises until they have a vaccine. Bezos, you will be very rich and I do not care as long as I live longer than my cat. If she dies first she becomes compost, if I die first I become cat food and you can see why I wouldn’t be ok with that.

The beer is now done. I know I haven’t said much. I am ok with isolation really. I’ve been a loner all my life. This is not going to break me. It will probably make me fat. But oh well…

Also, even if this pandemic is a  tragedy, just take a peek here a few days in a row. You will notice that every day, the natality is bigger than mortality. As long as that happens we, as a species are doing a pretty good job at surviving.

Stay safe, stay happy, stay inside!

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