Apr 10 2020

Back to normal

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I’ve found myself talking to friends and sometimes me, sometimes them, we make references to “the time after this passes, when all comes back to normal”.

And it hit me today while cooking… I do not want things to go back to normal. I want us to learn from this and move forward to a better version of how things used to be. I want the new normal to be better than the one before all this happened.

I want people to ask for politicians that were not able to handle this crisis to renounce the politician job and never be allowed to do it again. An idiot like Trump that tried to get rich from people dying should be fucking sent to jail after this crisis. I don’t care he’s 75, he can die in prison for all I care.

I want people to stop polluting. We’ve seen countless of images of air being clearer in big cities. Let’s go out of our way to keep it that way.

I want each country to have a national fund to support parents, so they can spend more time with their children. In Romania we have a say: when a child or person is being naughty, one of the worse things you can say to them is to accuse them they do not have the “7 years from home”. This implies his or her parents were bad parents, that were barely there. In the US there is barely any payed maternal leave. In some countries there is a year, maybe two. But it is not enough. Human children are born helpless and depending on their parents. In some countries their parent have to go back to work and they are still not walking or talking. How can a child grow into a proper adult, when the ones that are supposed to be there for him and love him unconditionally disappear for at least 8 hours from his side? My best friends have two kids and are now isolating together in their two bedroom apartment. They have noticed amazing changes in their kids for having them around so much. They are more lively, more curious and happier. Or maybe they were always like that, they were just not around enough to see all this. They were missing out a lot.

I want more investment in education worldwide, because doctors and scientists will get us through this. Not churches, not politicians, not football players, not artists. Since all of this started, in Romania the orthodox church has done nothing that facilitate the spread, by literally ignoring quarantine laws. While citizens going to the supermarkets get abused in the streets by police and fined, nothing happens to this bastards. I’m sorry world, but if you do not realize how toxic religious institutions are you deserve to die of Covid-19.

I want countries to realize that investing in your army, and allowing for more people to be trained for eventual conflicts and natural disasters is worth it. In Romania military doctors are what turned the Suceava hospital in a real Covid-19 treatment centre, after years of political shenanigans turned it into a death ward.

I want anti-vaxxers to never utter a single word again vaccines, ever. And I want people around them to shun them and shut them down when they do.

I want people to realize that it is unfair and ridiculous for people not to receive the proper care because they are poor. Countries like the US where you can die because you do not have the money to pay for medical treatments although you are working three jobs should not exist. Let’s put it out there: countries that allow their citizens to work three jobs and still be poor should not exist.
People are not equal, I know. And thus not all should be payed the same. But there should be a minimum pay that should allow for a person to live decently and there should be an upper limit to wealth. Because right now, a lot of money and resources are blocked in the hands of the 1% while the rest of the world is struggling to make ends meet and not die of Covid-19.

Being able to grow your own food is a priceless skill. Having a house with a garden is a blessing. So stop buying overpriced shitty apartments in shitty areas with shitty infrastructure. Stop buying apartments in huge buildings and crowded areas, because in case of a pandemic that is where the virus spreads most easily because of how close people are to each other.

I want people to stop multiplying. This virus has been able to spread like this because there is so many of us. Let’s support the health and education systems to educate people from a young age about having kids and raising them the right way. A lot of my friends that have kids keep repeating this to me: “it takes a village to raise a child”. If we want a better world, we need to raise our children better. Most parents do not have that village. Maybe it is time to have less children and just grow and nurture friendships, so we can be that village for the children. Not all of us have to have kids, you can educate and care and have fun with the kids of your friends, family and neighbours. There are better things that can be inherited from you than your blood.

You know the mistletoe right? The mistletoe is a hemiparasitic plant. It is attached to their host tree or shrub by a structure called the haustorium, through which it extracts water and nutrients from the host plant. If too many mistletoe plants grow on the same tree, the tree dies. This is what humans are to this planet, parasites. If we multiply too much we will kill this planet and the way education systems are around this planet right now(not properly funded, that is what I mean), we will not build that shuttle to take all of us from this planet and find a liveable planet before we go extinct. So, if there is nowhere to go, let’s try to keep this planet alive as much as we can. Let’s try to be less of a parasite to this planet and let’s be in a more … lichen-like relationship with it.

And there is so much more that we could learn from this pandemic, but I’ll just leave you with these thoughts and I’ll come back with another entry when I’ll have more.

Stay safe, stay happy and stay inside!

[Later edit]: Apparently me and John Oliver’s team are brothers from another mother.

Aparently I am not the only one seeing the issues in our so-called civilized society, especially when it comes to one of the richest and stongest countries in the world, that it has become so by fucking up its citizens big time. If living in one of the strongest democracies in the world means EMTs cannot afford medical insurance, I think democracy has either failed Americans, or USA is a democracy in the same way I am a tall busty young black woman. (And I’m pretty much a scrawny sorta old white woman and Google can provide proof to that.)

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  1. Peter says:

    I am all with u on this blog, on this post..but people forget easy and will pass on, especially post-communist countries.

  2. Iuliana says:

    Welcome to my small corner of the internet, @Peter!

    Yeap, we forget easily because it is easier that way I guess. It’s definelty easier for politicians.

    I can imagine a conversatione between politicians after this is done.
    “Hey, remember that time when we were proven to be totally incompetent and exposed as the useless parasites we are? Let’s keep that out of the history books. And also, let’s make the history curricula so boring nobody is interested in it. Actually, let’s fuck the educational system alltogether.”

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