Apr 28 2020

Worst kind of dystopia

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I haven’t thought about you in a while, but I woke up this morning with your face fresh in your mind because I just had the weirdest dream.


We were living in a dystopian world where talent for art was really rare and artists were owned like cattle and used to entertain the masses. They were owned by powerful people and they were just transported from place to place to entertain.

You are the greatest guitarist of this century and lately you have become quite a good lyricist too. In my dream you were a prized possession. You had a monitoring chip under your skin and some vile politician decided where and when you would perform.

After an event all artists were allowed to spend the rest of the night as they wanted to, then they were loaded in their touring trucks and transported to the next location.

Somehow we knew each other. You had such sad look in your eyes, but you smiled when you saw me waiting for you after the event. We drove over to my house and we had dinner and we talked about how hard was to write lyrics that hid your desire for freedom and how your fingers hurt sometimes from playing your guitar, but you still had to do it otherwise you lost your “after-event-freedom” privilege.

Although I loved your voice and loved to hear you sing, I understood your need for silence and your need to be anything else but an artist when you were with me. I hated that you were not a normal person, without this talent that made you a … slave. But I also wondered if I would love you if you were as plain and boring as I was. I fell asleep in your arms. I woke up in the morning and drove you back to that horrid truck. A security guy scanned your chip and welcomed you back in. I watched you go and felt my heart hurt in my chest, because I did not know when I would see you and hear you again. Yeah, I so wished for you to have been born normal, even if that would  mean that we would have never met or known each other.

In this world recording artists for distribution was a crime nobody dared to commit. So when you left, it felt as if there was no more music in the world for me.


I woke up so grateful that I do not live in that kind of world. There is a lot of room for improvement for this one for sure, but we’ll get there in due time. Now I’ll just go and listen some John Mayer for a while and be grateful that this world is not so bad after all. Because how can this world be so bad when music is a resource easily accessible? I can’t even imagine a world where access to music would be as restricted as it was in my dream.

Enjoy some John Mayer with me.

Stay safe, stay happy and stay inside!

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