Apr 29 2020

Et tu, Brute? (2)

Category: MiscellaneousIuliana @ 23:10

If you’ve read this entry here, you know that now my robot vacuum cleaner is named Brute.

And I could probably get a job as medium because about one month ago I got to look at it disappointed and say “Et tu, Brute?”.

What happened to Brute? Brute was alive and well, meaning – it would charge just fine. But it refused to communicate with the iPad and to do its job. So yeah, out of the blue, it decided to disconnect from WiFi and refuse manual commands too. So, I had to call the Neato support again and half an hour later I was packing it and sending it to Glasgow.

One month, yesterday it was back. I unpacked it and tried to convince it to talk to my iPad again. No chance. Tried to install its app on the phone, nothing. Being desperate with all the dust and cat hair in my house, I started it manually and went out for a run. 40 minutes later I receive a notification on my phone from Brute, telling me that it finished cleaning and there is a map in the application for me if I’m interested.

I was puzzled, because the damn thing did not want to connect when I left my house, and now is sending me messages? So I hurry home, and try again to connect the bastard to the iPad and this time it works.

So now, Brute is back, my house is clean and I did not have to choose a name for my next robot. Because, I already had a name in mind. Since nobody betrayed Brute, I would have named it as a person that betrayed me, my ex from a long, long time ago. :D

That would have perplexed some of my friends that did not know the full story. :)

These days I’m pretty busy working on a personal project, so there won’t be any blog entries for about two weeks. Unless I get really panic and avoid the work by writing on my blog.

Also, if you get a Neato Vacuum Robot, avoid the D7 model, get any of the other ones. This one is really sensitive and breaks down for no reason.

Stay safe, stay happy and stay inside!

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