May 12 2020

I know it’s late but…

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… here it goes: I am speaking at an online Spring conference. I always feel uneasy talking about important things for me. I feel like if I give them too much importance, others won’t. Or if I am too enchanted by them, something wrong will happen and they will be taken away. A psychologist would probably have a field day trying to discover the root cause of the way I feel.

When I first received the email from Steve Anglin asking me if I want to write for Apress, I thought it was an internet scam and I was waiting for him to ask me for money. After six months of email exchanges and when the contract appeared I finally let myself believe it was happening so I started writing.

It was quite similar with the Spring I/O Virtual conference. I created the presentation, did a demo with my colleagues and friends, but I was still doubtful about it. I was almost expecting an email telling me that some other important speaker was given my spot. Also, I have never spoken at an event as important as this. It is overwhelming and paralysing. And I will have to speak in English and it is not my first language and when I panic I tend to babble. But fuck it, it was about time for me to do something like this. If it goes well, kudos to me. If it doesn’t I will just go back to my hermit’s cave. However it goes, if you want to see my presentation and hear me make make an ass of myself, register now. So far, there are 2500+ people registered. I am very curious if Youtube will bare it. :D

Stay safe, stay happy and stay inside!

4 Responses to “I know it’s late but…”

  1. Juan A Moreno says:

    Congrats Iuliana!

  2. Iuliana says:

    Thank you Juan! I hope you registered! :)

  3. Alex says:

    Good job on the conference. You did very well. As soon I’ve saw the thickness of the Spring book, I knew I will definitely buy it. :)

  4. Iuliana says:

    Thank you!

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