Jun 01 2020

The curse of the USA

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When I was growing up, USA was the dream destination for every Romanian that just evaded communism. Each and every adolescent I knew dreamed about surf, Coca Cola, freedom and rock and roll. I never really saw USA as the dream country. And now that we are all adults and have access to internet, we all probably think the same.

The first time that I decided USA is not the dream country is when I was about 14. I was insomniac even then and listened to the radio to fall asleep. Sometime about midnight some American radio station took over the frequency of my favourite Romanian radio station. It was amazing to have early access to the most recent hits long before it reached Europe or be able to listen to music that would never become “a thing” on my continent. But beside the music there was a show that I was listening to as well. It was a horror show. This show was about sexual abuse and the host was reading letters send by kids and adolescents. Some of them were putting into words the nightmares they lived at the hands of older brothers, cousins, uncles, fathers, neighbours, anybody that was an adult in their life really. And I was horrified, because I could not understand how the hell all those horrifying things happened and there was not at least one kind adult those kids were able to reach for help.

So yeah, after listening to that radio late at night, I decided that USA was the country where most adults sexually abuse kids and I am lucky not to be born there.

And then I grew up and learned what racism exists and was blooming in the USA. It wasn’t hard really; you just need to watch some news here and there and just pay attention to most American movies. The hints are there.

And then Monica Lewinsky happened. And as a woman I was baffled about how she was treated by the media. She was considered a tramp and a succubus when clearly, she was that one that was taken advantage of by the leader of the most powerful country in the world.

And then Irak, Afghanistan, etc happened. USA just had to show the whole world that they really want their oil and I was relieved Romania did not have enough to pique its interest.

And school shootings…those are horrifying and heartbreaking over and over again.

I joined Reddit and came in contact with horror stories about the American health system and its educational system. And about people having three jobs and barely affording rent. I mean … what the actual fuck? How can politicians have the audacity to call this the greatest country in the world?

And then Trump happened. And I get it, Hillary was not really an option. She was just as corrupt as him. But Trump… really?

And since we got to Trump… fucking Epstein. I promised myself I will not watch that Netflix documentary. I thought I was going to be sick. But surprisingly, the documentary is very light. In my opinion there is a lot of focus on clean/comfortable abuse stories, and an abuse story should not be comfortable. How the hell they managed to make a documentary about sexual abuse without an R rating? Also if you are smart enough to read through the lines, you can understand that there is a whole broken system that facilitated him to be the monster that he was. The victims were poor, so poor that they would sell themselves and others just as poor as them to this monster and his monster network. They were young girls from broken homes with poor education and no idea of self worth or self preservation.  In what world massaging a creepy old guy when you are not a masseuse for 200$ is considered normal?  The documentary underlines something that has been obvious about USA for years, but for some reason its population doesn’t realize it: USA is the country where the system favours the rich. Listening to Epstein refusing to respond to accusations, hiding behind amendments, only an idiot would think that that damn constitution their politicians like to mention all the time is made for the little people. Let me write that with a bigger font, and in color.

The USA is 99% little people, the rich represent only about 1% of the population and the constituion was written for them.

USA is a country that was born from the genocide of the native population and it grew by feeding on the blood of slaves. If there would be a God, that country would be cursed forever.

I do not want to offend anyone with this entry. America did produce some amazing people, and I’m sure current generations have nothing in common with their horrible ancestors except a bit of DNA. But it is time for a change. And I’m not saying you should burn every millionaire at the stake in the same way you used to burn witches, but absolute power corrupts absolutely and money is power.

So, I don’t know, but maybe a law limiting how rich someone can be is not such a bad idea. If it were up to me, you should be allowed to have about 10 milion dollars in assets and savings per individual. If you end up making more than that, it should go to the national fund for public services like health and education.

Stay safe, stay happy, stay good!

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