Jul 21 2020


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… or how stupid people have invented a word to make fit people feel bad.

I do have a few favourite vloggers I keep up with. One of them is Doctor Mike. Not sure how I discovered this guy, but I must confess probably the first time I watched one of his videos was because he is damn good looking. But I subscribed to his channel because he is smart and reasonable. He knows his science and has a very pleasant way of sharing knowledge about it. It does help that he is so good on the eyes and so articulate.

But internet is a cess pool of idiots… and he has been accused of fatphobia. Which made him post a video to explain himself.(Which was not necessary, in my opinion.)

I was watching that, and  it made me so angry. You know what most people have or should have a phobia of? Death. That is the only healthy and logic phobia(it’s a paradox I know). So, anything pushing you in that direction, it is good to be phobic about.

When I broke my hand and had to have surgery to fix it, I was hospitalized for three days. While being there, a girl was brought in, that tried to kill herself by standing in front of the train. I listened in to some discussions about her, between doctors and nurses. They did their best to save her life and re-attach her feet, but they were sickened by her act, to the point of being disgusted. The reason for their disgust was the nature of their work. They were fighting to save lives daily, from diseases and accidents that could not have been avoided or prevented, and they were fighting the system health system itself, because well… I am talking here about a Romanian public hospital.  And a healthy young woman just went and tried to end her life. Wouldn’t you be upset with that person? Especially if caring for her, took away care from people that did not choose to have a health issue. Sure, there are other facets to consider as to why she made that decision, but somehow feels wrong to choose to hurt yourself like that, when you could ask for help instead before getting there.

Coming back to Doctor Mike, if a doctor is phobic about a thing that hurts people, that is a good phobia to have. And I would tend to pick up that phobia. If the doctor treating you for diabetes, would have a phobia of sugar, it wouldn’t bother you so much, would it?

Also, how a phobic person behaves and reacts to the object of their phobia must be discussed. A person that is phobic about something, has an irrational reaction when confronted to the object of thier phobia. But Doctor Mike, had been nothing but rational about the topic of fat and obesity. And he did nothing, but suggest ways to lose weight, prevent and control obesity and stay healthy. He did not mention any of those methods as being universal. Which you would expect a good doctor to do.  And he did not attack people for being obese or overweight.

You know what fatphobia looks like? Of course, you don’t. Let me pictue it for you. Imagine the reaction of a claustrophobic person in an elevator. Then apply that reaction to a person just being close to a slightly overweight person. That is what fatphobia would look like. But you can you imagine Doctor Mike, reacting like that to his patients? Because I can’t, and a phobia like that would be pretty incompatible to his job.

Fatphobia is not a thing, it’s a senseless word. Fat shaming though, that describes a real thing – malevolent and ill intended reactions and remarks that people use to make other people feel bad, regardless if they actually have a weight problem or not. But most people do mix up the two terms.

And since we are here, let me give you an example how fat shaming looks like. You can consider these affirmations of a fatphobic person if you want to. Let me give you a few samples:

Fat people are gross.

Fat people have no discipline.

I would never date a fat person.

Dear, you seem to have put on some weight, maybe you should start working out and eating less.(This is what an ex-boyfriend actually told me. I was 60 kgs in weight at 1.6 meters tall and working two jobs at the time.)

My wife has become very fat during her pregnancy, so I told her she should lose the weight, or I’ll get myself a thin mistress. It took her three months, but she is now half the woman she used to be, he he.. (One of my colleagues at a previous workplace, blackmailed the mother of his children to drop from 90kgs to 45 kgs in three months. True story.)

Maybe if you wouldn’t eat so much you wouldn’t be so fat.

Fat people are stupid, because only a stupid person would let themselves go and become fat in the first place.

So yeah, you can consider these, affirmations a fatphobic person would emit of you want to.

But Doctor Mike, has never, ever said something like that in his videos. He has been nothing but supportive of people that view their weight as a problem. He listed various solutions, advantages and disadvantages for each of them. And he mentioned what works for him.

So yeah, internet is a cesspool of idiots. Some of you do not deserve access to internet and I am so saddened that this wonderful person had to explain himself to you. And, he did it in such a nice manner. But, no worries, this entry is here to give you the explanation you deserve.

Also, feel free to check out Doctor Mike’s videos. He is a true internet gem and a wonderful human being.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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