Aug 11 2020

The one with the relatable insanely rich guy

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My parents were poor. Their parents were poor as well. During childhood there were quite a few times when we replace bread with polenta because corn flower was cheaper. I remember a few times when there was no food in the house for days. Many of you reading these lines might not be able to imagine how this feels like being a kid, being hungry and being told that I just have to wait a little bit longer. When I was 17 one of my teeth got infected and I was in pain for three days, because my parents had no money for a dentist. While at the university I once went three days without eating. I only had one jar of jam left and I made sure to eat just a spoon of it for lunch and dinner to make sure it lasts until I will find a way to provide for myself.

My parents sold their apartment in the city and bought a house in the countryside they made no papers for. So, they do not officially own it. They dropped the idea of making official papers because those were too expensive. Think about that for a moment. The cost of officially owning the house was too high for them. So, when they die, me and my sister will inherit nothing. Just the expenses to bury them.

I might not be insanely rich, but the life I have now, I did not dare to dream it when I was a kid, adolescent or even a young student. I never thought that a person could be fully independent without being born into some kind of money. But here I am. I have a decent salary, I have some savings, I have a piano and a computer. I don’t really need anything else to be happy really. Remember, I come from having nothing, there is little I need and want. I do not own a house, but I’m not really interested in that anyway. Sacrificing my savings for a house with my name on it is not worth the price.

So, if you are poor like I was, my life story makes me relatable, right? My story makes you think that I am an honest hard-working person. You are honest and hard-working, right? We are the same, you and I… So, if I tell you something, you would tend to believe me, right?

You know my past, because I just narrated it to you. I told of some of the worst times, but you do not know how it affected me. The person I am now, was shaped by all that and other experiences that I have not told you about. Just because some of the elements of my story resonate with yours, it does not mean we are the same. It does not mean that is you think of yourself as being honest, goo-natured and kind, I am same. I just played with your emotions and I made myself relatable to you.

Well… let me give you some insight. The quality of life I have now, I am willing to do almost anything to keep it. I’m not sure if I would ever do anything immoral or unethical, but I won’t know until I get there. Just because I did not forget where I come from, it doesn’t mean I am comfortable about returning there. I do not see myself going back to a lifestyle like the one at the beginning of my life. Actually, I am terrified of it. And let me emphasize this: I do not know what I am capable of doing to keep my current lifestyle. Because it is human nature after all. When it comes to lifestyle, scaling up feels nice, scaling back down… not so much.

The fact that I was poor once, does not make the person I am now relatable. The fact that I did not forget where I started, it does not make me a super-hero or a saint. It doesn’t mean that I will help somebody currently being in a situation similar to the one that I was a long time ago. I am not the person I was then. I am not struggling with the same things you are. Then I had nothing to lose. Now I have everything to lose and no intention of letting that happen.

So next time when a rich CEO tries to beguile you into cutting them some slack for their shady work practices or tries to make you relate to them by mentioning their humble start in the world, do not allow yourself to be tricked. The same goes for politicians. The person they are now is very different from the one they were then. The person in front of you now has a lot to lose and a lot of resources and experience to use to prevent them from doing so. And if you think the memory of honesty and the kind heart they had once (if they had it) will somehow motivate them now into changing their way, you are in for a big surprise.

I wrote all this because I read a very long article (4,540 words) on the Amazon blog, representing Jeff Bezos’ address to the US Congress. And he got before that congress because of Amazon shady business practices.

He does a good job to picture himself a poor boy, from a poor family that had a genius idea, that transformed himself not only in one of the richest men in the world, but also one of the most powerful. Because, money is power after all.

I do not doubt his story, and I am sure he went through some shit. But that does not excuse the Amazon shady business practices and how their warehouses employees are treated. I would like nothing more than for him to be a real-life Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, but let’s be realistic here. Unfortunately, he is just a man. A man that made so much money that he can probably influence the economy and politics of a small country and he is so high on his pedestal that falling from there would kill him.

Imagine what I just told you about me. I am not even 0.05 percent as rich as he is. But if my current lifestyle would be threatened, do you think I would bow down and allow it to happen?

If you are curious take our time and read his statement, it is emotional manipulation in its purest form. At the end of its statement he says the following:

It’s not a coincidence that Amazon was born in this country. More than any other place on Earth, new companies can start, grow, and thrive here in the U.S. Our country embraces resourcefulness and self-reliance, and it embraces builders who start from scratch.

Of course, US is the perfect country to start his business and to grow it until it became a monopoly in e-commerce. Only in the US work ethics are dubious, people can work three jobs without paid vacation and medical insurance. Only in the US a business such as Amazon can be tax exempt under the promise of creating jobs. Yeah, that kind of shitty jobs, where you have to pee in a bottle to avoid losing your rates(Last Week Tonight, Season 6, ep. 17), without paid vacation and medical insurance. I mean, for fucks sake, that congress is asking him about the shady business practice they enabled!! What a fucking charade!

If there is a conclusion to take from this entry is this: stop trying to relate to insanely rich people. And stop being tricked by them when they try to look relatable to you. The society rules do not apply to them in the same way they apply to you. That is why, when they become inconvenient, they get suicided in prison.

Anyway, read his statement. And hopefully you will learn something from it.

Stay safe, stay happy.

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