Aug 15 2020

About going vegan and why do it

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Let me start this entry by saying that I am not going vegan. The title is just click bait. I still think declaring yourself vegan is equivalent to declaring yourself a hypocrite, because the society we’ve build is not really friendly to being truly vegan. So unless you are living in a stone hut in the woods, growing your own food and cotton for your clothes, using a horse to travel around, a pterodactyl to fly places, you are not vegan. Also, since when was the term vegan expanded to include anything anything else you consume besides food? Anyway, you are not vegan, you are just trying to reduce your carbon footprint.

Now that we got that out of the way … I might have written about this subject before, and some ideas might be repetitive, but I am too lazy to perform a search on my own blog and make sure I am not repeating myself. I believe there are some evolutionary advantages to eating meat. But that doesn’t mean I am over-doing it. I am eating meat once a week or maybe less. Do I care about the animals that died to give me my steak? Sort of. I care enough to eat little of it to avoid supporting the meat factory industry. Does that make sense?

Up until I left to study at the university most of my life has been spent at the countryside. My grandparents had what English-speaking people might call a farm or a domain, or an agricultural estate. Call it however you want it, it was a big piece of land split in two: the courtyard, used as an open space for various birds and animals to roam in and the garden.

When I was little, I was one of those animals and birds contained to that courtyard. :) When I started growing up, I started living the courtyard, but most times I was doing so in the company of a dog or more, sometimes I was taking some lamb for a walk on the green hills next to my house where they could eat whatever they found. It was a carefree life for which I am very grateful.

Most animals had names, and some of them were so domesticated they came looking for food and cuddles, some were sneaking into the house in search for more interesting food and or just sleeping in various places. My grandmother had a hen that refused to lay eggs anywhere else than inside of a special nest she made for herself in one of my grandmother cupboards. If a lamb was born during the winter, it was brought inside the house to keep it warn. My mother has this story of me that I do not remember, of sleeping in the same bed with a lamb and a cat for an entire winter.

Does this mean we weren’t eating them? Clearly not. Because that is why we were taking care of them and feeding them. But, there were rules. No animal was ever beaten tortured or molested during their short lifetime. If they were to be sacrificed, we made damn sure they had the best life we could give them. If animals got sick, we would do our best to make them healthy again. Sometimes, when we could afford it, a veterinarian was involved. If they died, they were buried. For health reasons of course, but also because decomposing meat makes for good compost. When we had to end their life, we would never do so in front of the others. Also, it had to be quick and as painless as possible. And everything was used for something. Nothing was wasted.

Over the years I did have favorite animals, that I just could not eat and actually fought with my grandparents or parents when they made the decision to eat them. I cried when my parents’ first cow got sick and we had to kill her because she was losing weight and would have died anyway. Me and my sister took turns to check on her at night. The veterinarian could not make her well again. One month and a half of treatments later she was still sick, and all that medicine given to her had made her meat inedible. But we tried saving her.

Not all members of the family lived by these rules. I had an uncle that was rougher with animals more than the other members of my family. When he started beating his horse in front of me, I took the whip from his hands and told him I would whip him instead so he can decide if he likes it and motivates him to do his job. I was a teenager and I was scared he might decide to hit me and I knew that my parents would probably not defend me, but in that moment I did not care.

What I am saying is, this is the way it should be done. The animals being sacrificed so we can survive deserve to have a better life than what we are currently giving them.

But most of us live in the cities now and we do not have the time or the knowledge to grow our own food. So, even if we do not want to, we rely on the industry of meat production to provide us the meat we cannot produce ourselves. And there is so many of us, so the process is automatized and ruthless. So how should we silence our conscience while trying to survive?

If you think going full vegan and refusing to use any animal products is an option, you are so detached from reality you need a serios smacking. Everything you buy is based on some questionable decisions. To grow the vegan products you buy, somebody has cut down a forest, then killed all animals, birds and insects on that land that could affect the productivity of the crop. All clothes, shoes and any other so-called vegan products might go through chemical processes to get the right texture that results in toxic byproducts which are dumped somewhere contaminating the environment. You are not protecting the planet by being vegan to the extreme. You are only feeding yet another destructive industry.

If you want to truly make a small contribution to the well-being of this planet, moderation is the key; I’ve said it before and I will say it again, limit your carbon footprint. It’s an expression you might hear so often, but never give it a second thought. Just reduce what you consume. Do not buy that new blouse when you have 50 more in your closet. Do not buy that new car, when your old car is working fine and is still eco-friendly. Do not buy that new phone, if the old one still works.

Reduce your consumption. Go vegan if you want to, but do your research first. Put in some work for fucks sake if this really means something more to you than just another Facebook/Instagram/Twitter like.

That is all I had to say about it. And a big FUCK YOU to the idiot vegans feeding their children and their carnivorous pets vegan food. And an even bigger FUCK YOU to the idiots that made a business by seeling vegan pet food just so they can get the money of the idiots in the previous paragraph.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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