Sep 23 2020

The House effect

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I started re-watching House M.D. and I remembered why I love that series. First it shows adults behaving like children, but getting the job done. It shows people being themselves unbounded by political correctness or any other society norms we invented to protect snowflakes that were over-protected by their parents and then sent out into the world to be adults without being taught how.

And I was reminded how it feels to tell somebody that they are an idiot and not be afraid that the internet will lynch my Twitter profile. Because that is the problem when your internet persona is more of a brand than an individual user. You tend to try to polish that persona to be tolerable to a lot of people, so your books will still sell, and so recruiters will still call you when you are looking for a job. But fuck this, some people are idiots and I’m tired of keeping most of my revulsion towards some people in. Some people do not have to be protected from the world, because they have to bloody live in it.

I must have been influenced by this series, because I called somebody an idiot on Twitter. I haven’t done this in a long time and it felt so liberating.
Why did I do it? Well…

And since not all my readers are Romanians. Here’s the context. You probably heard of Simona Halep, right?
Apparently, some of my countrymen are unable to understand the amount of work necessary to be a world champion in tennis and seem to think she somehow does not deserve the money she made playing tennis.
The “blinking” user seems to think she doesn’t work more than the rest of us, or maybe she woks more just around the time of tournaments. So yeah, I replied to that tweet and told the person that they are an idiot. And proposed a marathon analogy. Everybody knows, you cannot win a marathon by only training one month before the tournament. He did not get it and thought I got … mad. Apparently, you cannot tell somebody they are idiots these days without being mad. This is what the world has come to. You have to feel something, to make such a “serious” affirmation. No, sometimes people are just being idiots and deserve to be told they are idiots.

I called him an idiot, because he was an idiot. And it felt soo… good. The internet did not crush me, I was not banned from twitter and I do not feel guilty about it. And my internet persona was not lynched.

Why did I feel the need to call that person an idiot? Because I trained six years when I was a child for the Olympics, well at least my trainer said I was Olympics material. (And my parents did not give a rat’s ass and moved across the country anyway. So yeah, six years of training went down the drain.) I know the amount of work it implies. I know the risks on your physical and mental health. So, nobody in this world should comment on the amount of money she deserves or not. Whatever she made, she worked for it.

Also, questioning the money a public person that actually proved their worth in quite a few tournaments is idiotic. Questioning politicians and their acolytes, questioning mobsters, questioning magnates such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and others, is expected, especially since they made their money by being tax-exempt. But … leave Halep and other athletes alone, because whatever money they made, I am sure they paid their taxes. Unlike … those other guys I previously mentioned.

I know I am fighting on the internet, how pitiful, how lame! Well, sometimes it must be done, because sometimes being called an idiot it what helps you grow. If there is any potential for that. I can only hope there was.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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