Oct 05 2020

I did it

Category: MiscellaneousIuliana @ 12:56

I did it my friends, I managed to get my Twitter account suspended restricted. And because I am not ashamed of it and I consider I did not do or say anything wrong, I am sharing you the message I got from them and the message that did it.

This is why I am reluctant about AIs. That message was not a hate message. It was not even mentioning them directly as being stupid and deserving to die. I did not wish president Trump’s  death, because I am a pretty decent human being. My message was just a conclusion after seeing all other twitter messages directed at president Trump. There is a Central American saying that goes along the line of “If one person tells you you‘re drunk, and you feel fine, ignore him. If ten people tell you you‘re drunk, go and have a lie down”.

My message is quite analogous to that. But an AI does not know the difference. And an AI deciding my message was is the best scenario, actually.

The more terrifying scenario is that Twitter is being censored and the rules are made by those with a lot of money and no moral compass.

Welcome to 1984.

Stay safe, stay happy!

P.S. And in case it was not obvious: I do not want Trump to die, this is a too easy for him. I want him to stay alive and be able to see the US turning its back on him and prosecuting him for all the shit he has done. I want him to be stay alive to see his family shunned and giving up the name to clean hemselves of the stain he has put on his legacy. This fate that I wish for him is so much worse and this one would deserve a Twitter ban/account limitation.

Also, I appealed. Let’s see if I get a human to read that tweet. But I won’t delete it. I did not offend anyone, I did not instigate to violence. There is no reason whatsoever for me to delete my tweet. If I have to give up using twitter or creating a new account, so be it. But I won’t bow down to unfair censorship.

[Later edit]: My account got unlocked. I have a new found respect for people doing the job of reviewing shit posted on the internet and doing jobs AI are just not suited for.

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