Nov 13 2020

I did this thing…

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I had blonde hair until I was six. When I was a child, to keep work easy for her, my mum cut my hair pretty short, but never as short as to confuse people about my gender. I had bangs until I finished high-school, and by that time my hair turned dark brown. I had long hair until 4th grade, when it got cut really short because of a misunderstanding with a hairdresser. When I realized what happened I cried not for the hair, but because I was scared of my mother’s reaction. You see, my mother always had long hair and so did I and my sister too. It was her obsession for us to look as feminine as possible. And I expected her to be very upset and honestly… I expected at least a light beating.

Since 4th  grade I always had long hair, and people were in awe of it. After my last break up I’ve dyed it flaming red for a while. There were two reasons for my choice: I wanted to be as different as possible from the person he dumped and also, a lot of white hairs started popping up and I was not ready to be considered old. I was not ready to consider myself old.

A year, or two after the break-up, I cut my hair really short, shaved half of my head and dyed it black. But when the white hairs started sprouting again, I gave up and made it flaming red again.

At the beginning of this year, after talking to some friends I realized that I was lying to myself and others, I was painting my hair red to look younger and to … maybe give the impression that I am a passionate redhead. Men have this impression that red headed women are freaks in the sheets and … some women take advantage of this misconception. But, considering the pandemic and new newfound maturity and acceptance of my age and the probability of dying alone I gave up the faming read hair for my original, now black-grayish hair.

And I allowed it to grow for a while, but when my vacuum cleaner brush started blocking, when I had to clean my drain of my hair after every shower and my hair started ending up everywhere including my food I knew it was time to get a haircut. Problem is, most hairdressers were closed, or had people scheduled until next year. So, this gave me an idea.

I’ve had this curiosity for a while… how would I look bold? But it was never the right time. All the people around me always knew me with long hair, me shaving it out of the blue, might have made them think I was pulling a Britney. So, considering that I’ll be stuck inside my home for a while … I just went for it. I always had the impression my head is very big, and my face is too round to look good without hair. Well… I no longer think that, because it turned out better than I expected.

For a woman, there is freedom in shaving your hair. We don’t realize it, but hair is nothing but dead cells. But somehow it ended up being a key element in making us look feminine and attractive for … men. Because men are visual creatures, yes?  Considering hair is dead cells, and its removal doesn’t make you less than you are, shaving your hair is pretty similar to removing makeup. As a woman, when you shave your hair, you break the rules society has put in place for you without you even realizing. As a woman, when you shave your hair you free yourself a little. Because what you are telling yourself and others is that you now recognize you are so much more then something for men to look at.  Also, it forces the people in your life to look beneath the surface.  It forces them to realize that the person you are is not made by the wrapping of your soul.

As a woman, shaving your hair helps you filter the persons in your life that have a superficial relationship with you. Those that label you crazy for doing it or seem to not be able to look at you without your hair, are not really worth to keep around. You need friends that will love you and respect you for more than your wrapping. You need friends that will not look at you differently if let’s say … one of your hands or legs needs to be amputated.

There are quite a few advantages of having short hair:

  • My vacuum brush no longer gets blocked by my hair
  • I don’t have to clean my drains daily
  • My hair doesn’t end up in my food anymore
  • My hair doesn’t get tangled anymore
  • Hats actually stay on my head now
  • I no longer need to use shampoo or conditioner, so reduced expenses
  • I no longer have bad hair days

And also … the sensation when somebody caresses your head it almost … arousing, sexually speaking.

And I must confess, I am quite curious how silver my mane will be in 12 months’ time. No need to ask, I will post a picture. ;)

I believe that all women at some point in thier lives will decide to do this, shave thier hair, opinions be damned. Also… it’s just dead cells after all and in about one year, it will have a decent enough size. So, it’s no biggie. Really.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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  1. Cristina says:

    Suits you well the new youthful pixie hair style!

  2. Iuliana says:

    It does, doesn’t it? :D (I am glad you like it)

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