Dec 15 2020

A spinster’s crushes

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My romantic history has not been great. Growing up in a toxic family has given me a malformed notion about what a normal relationship looks like, and this has affected every romantic relationship I had in a bad way. After my last relationship ended, it took me a long time to heal, and learn not think of the people that hurt me with hate and angst. I mean, they hurt me because they were just as broken as I was, or maybe more. And growing up in a society that keeps matters of the heart under covers, we had no idea how to identify problems nor how to fix them. Putting all that aside, here I am, a single woman that is very close to 40, with a lot of issues and probably impossible standards. But, hey, I have no absurdly romantic expectations, so I think I’ll be fine from now on.

I was talking with a friend of mine today, and he mentioned his girlfriend was making him watch Outlander. And I jokingly said that there is one reason why women watch that series and his name is Sam Heughan. I can tell you for sure that is why I was watching it. Well, that and because now that I live in Scotland, I was trying to identify castles and places I recognized in it. I did not make it past the season where they tried to convince me his character and Caitriona’s are almost 60 years old, and they still have amazing sex and are parents of a 27-year-old. But I must confess that man was gifted by nature with a very good-looking piece of meatsuit for his brains and I did have a few kinky dreams about him.

I am aware movies and TV series give me a wrong idea of how people my age look like and mess up my perception over the people I should be dating.  That is why, when I feel the need to kill some time by watching people pretend to be other people, I choose series that focus more on the intrigue and action, and less on how characters look like. So, I ended up watching Finish, Danish, German or even Icelandic series, where 50-year-old characters look like 50-year-old people.

When I watch series/movies I find myself having these crushes on an actor, more like on the character they play, but they do eventually fade. I do tend to dream a lot, and these little crushes do make my dreams even more interesting. I mean, just last night I had a date with Hugh Laurie, and it was AMAZING…Also, consider this, having a crush on an actor, more like, the character they play, is also a safe bet, because nothing can go wrong in that relationship. :)

Anyway, I am not a Star Wars fan, but I do watch The Mandalorian. My favorite singer, Darren Hayes recommended it on Twitter so, heh… and it happened again, but ths time I fell in love with the character’s voice. It took a few episodes until I looked on imdb to check the name of the actor, because I recognized the voice, but I was not sure from where.

And there he was, Pedro Pascal, the only man on this Earth that can make a mustache look sexy. The only man on this Earth that can rock a mustache and not look like a creep. I noticed him on Game of Thrones, and admired his work on Narcos, but damn… I never considered him truly sexy, or worthy to be in my dreams, until I’ve had the occasion to focus only on his voice for some reason. It’s probably because his eyebrows are not bushy enough for me. :D

Anyway, the Mandalorian did that for me. I can’t tell you what it is about his voice that just … warms up my ovaries. Some parts of his words are nasal, some of them are normal, some of them are soft, like something somebody is whispering in a playful way. He seems to have a scar at the root of his nose, so that might be the cause of the nasal inflections. But damn, the combination of sounds he makes when he talks is just sooo… sexy! And now that I’ve put his voice together with his face and mustache in my mind, I started to perceive him as quite sexy, especially since he does not have the typical Hollywood doll-face look. He looks approachable, like somebody real, that I could meet on the street, like somebody I could date and not be worried about him being out of my league, or me being out of his. (Yes, my ego is out of bounds, I’ve just declared myself in the same league with Pedro Pascal, deal with it!)

So yeah, good job mister Pedro Pascal, it seems you are my last crush for 2020. See you in my dreams you smooth talker!

Stay safe, stay happy!

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