Jan 01 2021

End of fucking 2020

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Every year, I write a post where I tell you what went wrong and what went right and how I’ve grown. It’s 2020 darlings…so I got nothing. I tried writing something, but I ended up with a weird word document. I tried recording a video, but I watched it. Believe me, you do not want to watch it.

January was the sunshine of the year…
Dori & Marius came over from Romania for a few days and I’ve managed to help them experience Scotland. Or at least I tried.

February was meh…
I read Graham Norton’s book, A Keeper, awesome read, broke my heart. And made me miss Ireland.
I also decided to buy a blender, that came with a grinder and so… I now buy coffee beans in bulk and grind them myself.
Also, I went to a Goo Goo Dolls concert in Glasgow. From what I understand those guys are still singing because of a bad contract deal done in their youth. My heart aches for them, but on the other hand, I have to admit: these guys are still damn good.

March was disappointing …
I had a 4-week trip to Romania that got cancelled because of COVID. Also, I might have had COVID. That, or my brains just decided to shut down for three days out of sadness.

April was colorful…
I drowned myself in work and sport. I rode my bike every chance I got. Also, my robot vacuum cleaner decided to stop functioning. This damn robot has its own storyline on my blog.
Also, I shaved my eyebrows out of curiosity.
But, did I tell you how beautiful is Scotland in Spring?

May was sunny…
Aside from biking everywhere, I also participated as a speaker at the Spring I/O Virtual conference.  I was scared shitless, but the sky did not fall on me and the internet did not shun me, so eat shit, imposter syndrome!

June was … gone fast…
The eyebrows were back entirely.
I’ve started making my own fermented elderberry juice.
I’ve bought myself a woodchipper, a new lawnmower and a composter. I was really serious about gardening and learning to produce my own food in case… you know… apocalypse and shit.
And the Git master branch shitstorm happened. I will still repeat my objection. Calling a branch master has nothing to do with slavery and discrimination against black people. And renaming it does not help their cause at all. It’s just one of those corporate moves that is worth shit.

July was … pretty dull…
But I’ve started making kombucha too.

August was, the most beautiful month of the year…
Because it’s my birthday.  I just can’t trash this month.

September was… active …
I’ve been to Aberlady and Dunbar. And I’ve visited the Fortress of Solitude which is a very bland monument. And honestly, I think it’s unfair. On behalf of the people that embraced solitude an actually enjoy it, I must protest. Solitude deserves a more interesting monument.
Also I’ve sprained my knee walking on the beach, doing nothing extreme which reminded me that I am getting old.
Well, at least I’m getting wise too, so that’s nice.

October was dark…

Divorces, people killing themselves, family traumas getting brought to the surface…
Also I’ve discovered biking along the Union canal. Just wow… how could I miss this until now?
And I got blocked on Twitter because of a Trump related tweet. Just… wow …

November was interesting…
I wanted to bike to Dalgety Bay, and came back home with a backpack full of apples. There was a random apple tree in the middle of nowhere and most apples have fallen on the ground (because they were ripe, maybe?) And I just hated myself for not having a bigger backpack.
I went to see Aberdour castle and came back home with two huge apples.
And I’ve found out that Victoria Sponge Cake exists and I can rock it.
There are not many entries for November on my blog, so it must have been pretty boring as well.

December is … ending…
I started the process of buying my own house. How the hell did this happen? It still seems ureal to me. If the deal does not fall through and I move there, I’ll let you know.
This year has been weird. COVID proved George Carlin right: the average person is stupid, and half of them are stupider than that.
I don’t have many anti vaxxers or/and ani-mask friends, so there’s that. I guess.

Overall …
My piano playing had improved.
I have a new book coming out in February.
I’ve already started writing the next book.
I’ve slept more.
I’ve played more Starcraft.
But most if all, I’ve appreciated the little that I have, because compared to dying from COVID, this is a fucking lot.

What are my hopes for 2021?

I hope the world overall gets better. I hope my house deal does not fall through and I lose the house of my dreams.
I have only best wishes for the people I love. I wish them health, happiness and love.
And if I’m lucky enough, I really hope I get those too.

Stay safe, stay happy!

Later edit: I just celebrated the beginning of 2021 by drinking a whole bottle of champagne. So, any typos and grammar mistakes can be a consequence of that. Don’t you judge me!

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