Feb 04 2021

Goodbye Facebook & Instagram!

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A few weeks ago, I noticed the feed of my Instagram account changed. I had 2/3 more ads than entries from my friends. I checked the settings, maybe I messed them up somehow. But there was nothing to help me filter the foreign entries from accounts I wasn’t following.

So, I decided to close my Instagram account and delete the data. That was easy to do, but in the Facebook typical style, I have 30 days to change my mind.

Today, the Facebook account followed.

I told you a while ago I have an addictive personality. Considering I’m not alcoholic, although I like alcohol, I’m starting to doubt that. But I’ve noticed that when it comes to Facebook, I had little self-control. It was really easy to slip from friend post to friend post, to a Tasty video, to the kitchen eat something, then some work, then Facebook, then I got enraged by the vacation posts of people that seem to not be aware that there is a pandemic out there, another friend post, with their friends, all closely together under the same roof WHILE THERE IS A PANDEMIC OUT there.

I got frustrated, because here I am, my plane to Romania just got cancelled so I cannot go see my friends. Because here I am, staying roughly in the same area since March 2020, bathing in disinfectant, staying away from people, getting out of the house only when I have to. All the while, the rest of the world seems to live their normal beautiful lives. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an idiot, I know that real life is much more than the online life. But you know, it’s very difficult to tell your brains that everything is just and illusion.

I also noticed that spending time on Facebook narrows my view on people. It is very hard to believe them when they tell you something that seems to be contradicted by their pictures and entries on Facebook. It is very hard to believe you when you tell me that you are struggling with money and that this pandemic has hit you hard when you are posting pictures from Maldive. Truth is, Facebook and Instagram, are very curated versions of a person’s life. But this pandemic has kept us apart from each other and when the real person is no longer tangible, the line between this real person and the online persona gets seriously blurred.
I made a mistake. During a conversation with somebody dear to me I made a mistake, I made an analogy that was hurtful to them. I wouldn’t have made that analogy if I would have been able to see that person more often in the flesh. Or at least, I like to think so.

When you share so much information online on a platform like Facebook, without even realizing people might think they know you and that they know everything about you. I’ve fallen into this trap and hurt somebody.

I deleted my Facebook account because although I was trying to stop myself from wasting time on that damn site, even with the new shitty interface, I’ve failed.

So, it had to go. The biggest fear people have about giving up their Facebook accounts, is that they will lose touch with friends. That is not my case. A simple Google search can direct almost anyone to my blog and my email. Sure, compared to just a Facebook search and click on the FB messenger, it is little more work to reach me: search on Google, find the blog, go to the About page, get my email, write me an email and wait for me to respond. But you know what? In this world of instant gratification, maybe people need to be reminded about the satisfaction of delayed gratification.

Also, two more bonuses: me and my friends will have a lot to talk about and a lot of pictures to show each other when we finally meet and me not having a Facebook account will help to filter the people that really want to have me in their life. I mean… my time is limited and precious, at least this way, it will be dedicated to people that will really appreciate it.

First day without Facebook. I know it is early, but it feels pretty liberating. Only 29 more days to go.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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