Feb 28 2021

The joke was on me

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When I was in high school, while having a beer and a smoke and pretending to be a wiser than my years philosopher, I always joked that I will probably spend my life in a rotten moldy attic writing works of art that will only be appreciated after I die.

At the end of high school, while preparing for my admission exam for the university, I used to joke with my mom about how my front teeth were in really bad shape and wouldn’t it be really ironic if they break before I go to the university. Because if I would go to the university with no front teeth my focus on my studies would be insured, because no man would be interested in me and divert my focus.

I used to make a lot of jokes about Jesus taking the wheel when I drove.

I always used to joke with my friends about living next to a cemetery. While most of them were appalled by the idea, I was pointing out, jokingly of course, the benefits of it. It would be quiet and there is little chance somebody would build something that would obstruct the view.

Today I just got the keys for my new place. It is an attic flat and although it is not moldy and rotten yet, there is one window that has a lot of condensation. So, if I don’t fix it fast, I might get to live in that moldy flat after all. Also, I am writing technical books since 2014 and lately people have started to see their value. I’m not dead yet though, so … who knows, if I switch to literature someday that could still happen.

One of my front teeth broke in the time interval I was waiting for my university admission exam results. While I was bawling my eyes out in desperation, my mother was cracking up, told me to calm down and start packing because I’m definitely going to university.

I made a Jesus take the wheel joke the night I rolled over with my first car and totalled it. After the accident me and my friends were waiting by the side of the road, waiting for the car to be towed and one of them said: Well… you can’t trust Jesus to drive Iuliana, there were no cars when he was alive. Geez!

As for the cemetery… This morning when I went to get the keys to my new place, I studied the flat in more detail and then the surrounding area. And … these are the neighbors on the right of the property.

I swear to you, I did not see it on the map when I was looking at the area. Not sure how I’ve missed it because … I love Scottish cemeteries.

It seems that life has a funny way of turning my ironies and jokes into reality. Problem is, my latest joke is about me adopting a little black kid like Angelina did. Well… fuck!

Stay safe, stay happy!

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  1. Rox says:

    Congrats on the new apartment! Where I live ancillary costs for the buyer are between 8-12 % of the price. The real estate agent takes 4%. I totally understand why people are repelled from buying.

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