Mar 22 2021

My rush decisions

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A while ago I told you that I bought a flat. The reason I haven’t written anything on my blog in more than three weeks is because I have been busy packing, cleaning the old place, unpacking, cleaning the new place, buy some stuff for the new place, buy food for the new place, cook for the first week of work after moving in. And trying to solve the internet problem and other logistic issues related to my new location.

I’ve moved from Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, to a little Scottish town named Kirkcaldy which is part of the council area of Fife.

The decision to move was quite sudden and if you ask people that know me, they will say that I do tend to make rash decisions sometimes, but most times, it works out very well for myself.

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to move from the part of Romania where I lived for 25 years, quite shortly after a bad breakup. I did not know where I wanted to go, and I intended to move out of the country initially, but after I got a job in a city very close to where I’ve lived the first 12 years of my life, which I used to consider the most beautiful years of my life, I packed up everything I could, and I moved.

As a side note: getting into that relationship was also a rush decision and that did not turn out so well. But that was the stroke that broke the camel’s back and I’ve finally learned my lesson and embraced solitude until the right person comes around.

I’ve seen a single place in Sibiu, right after the day I arrived, and I rented it and moved in that evening. The next four years were quite good. The landlord lived in the house next to me and helped take care of the cat while I was delegated for work or on vacation. This allowed me to take huge steps in my career, but also live my life and travel when I wanted, wherever I wanted.

While living there, some not so nice neighbours decided to tell me I am not welcome by stealing the plastic covers of my wheels. My response to that was to buy myself alloy wheels, which were worth about 250 GBP.

Next to the place I lived there was a psychologist’s office. At the end of one rough day, I just decided to go in and start therapy. In the past I have considered the idea, but never seriously. Going to a psychologist was viewed as a weakness, a clear sign that there is something wrong with a person’s brains and is associated with a certain stigma in traditionalist societies, so I was a little scared and even judgemental about it. But that day I was so conflicted about what was wrong with me, that I couldn’t see myself as great as other people saw me that I wanted to figure out if there was a name and a solution for my problem.

One night after writing on one of my books until 3 am, I went to sleep. I was woken up by a notification that one of my favourite bands couple with another one of my favourite bands, were going on tour together and they were coming to Vienna. I bought a ticket, to avoid missing the chance to see them, only to notice in the morning that the address was weird and turns out there is a Vienna in Virginia, US. A few hours later I was organizing myself for a 10 days vacation to the US, that included a John Mayer concert on my birthday. And to this day, that was the best vacation I ever had.

On Christmas 2017, I was sad and alone and realized I did not want to grow old in Romania. So, I decided to move to Scotland. Five months later I was landing in Edinburgh with my laptop, two huge trollers ready to start a new chapter of my life.

While I was still in Romania, I researched the tax system and looked for a place to rent. Of all the places I’ve seen, one of them stayed with me, but I did not know if the place would still be available when I got there. It was, and thus, the first place I’ve seen, I’ve rented, and I’ve lived there until recently. Except for my car getting scratched and one neighbour shouting at me for parking in a place not to his liking, I’ve lived there for almost three beautiful years.

When my cat got sick, I decided relying on uber to carry her to the vet and back was too much, so I decided I needed a car. I started looking in the morning. By mid-day I chose my car. The next morning, I went for a drive test. A week later I had the car.

When the pandemic started, I struggled while working from home with my small-ish monitor. So, I ordered a bigger one. And because prices for wide monitors were pretty similar after a certain size, I decided to go for the biggest one. When it arrived I panicked, because it was huge. I actually worried it was too heavy for my desk, but it worked out well so far.

During the pandemic I was gardening a lot and I had a lot of branches laying around because of the trees around the property. I was also considering growing my own food, but the soil in my garden was not that fertile. So, I bought a composter cube and a garden shredder. And because I thought I will be living there for a long time, I also bought a wrought iron garden furniture set. And I also bought a new hedge trimmer and a lawn mower. I was very serious about gardening. And the overall investment, including seeds and flowers amounted up to 1000GBP or more. Yup… those were some really shitty rash decisions.

Oh, but wait, the biggest decision of 2020 was yet to be made.

As I mentioned, I intended to rent that place for a long time. I did not expect the pandemic to end soon, and I was clearly not looking to move during the pandemic. Also, I hate moving, I’ve did it way too many times during my lifetime. And I had plans to travel the world, and maybe finally settling down in New Zealand. I mean, with the Brexit and all, UK did not seem like the place I wanted to put roots in.

And then it happened – the fight in the parking lot with the idiot neighbour that resulted in me calling the police, giving them his address, and them doing nothing even though he threatened to do things to my car. Which he did at some point, because a long key scratch on the left side of my car appeared shortly after. So, I decided to move, but not only that. Because he had the audacity to tell me that I don’t belong here, I decided to buy a house/flat. And I was specifically looking for places with assigned parking spots or garages. I’ve seen one house in North Queensferry and was pretty disappointed. And then my Italian friend sent me a link to the flat that I currently own in Kirkcaldy.

I saw it, and I was hooked. I got home and did a few calculations to see if I can afford it. I made an offer the same evening. It was rejected, and the owner asked for 5000GBP more. I sat on this for three days. The agent told me that he had somebody else seeing the place. I was checking the site with my heart beating in my chest as a hummingbird’s. And they did not buy it. And that is when I decided, I loved the place way too much; the flat of my dreams was worth the price. So yeah, there I was, seen a place on Saturday and buying it on Wednesday. Did I mention that it was December? So basically, I have given myself the greatest present ever.

Because see, this flat is not just an ordinary flat that I just can afford to buy. This is the flat I’ve been dreaming about since I was in high school. I always dreamed about living in an attic flat. And I always dreamed about living close to the sea. And close to a place where I could go for a swim and sauna. And because of fights for public parking spaces that I’ve had all throughout my short life as a car owner, a dedicated parking space would have been heaven.

But how about an attic flat with a sea view oriented south, so I see the sun rising and setting every day through my window, and with a pool and sauna in the same building? But what if that flat has a dedicated parking space in an underground garage? But what if that flat is in a majestically looking historic building? But what if that building is in the middle of a big garden with limited traffic, so it is nice and quiet? But what if that flat is located next to the majestically looking Fife coastal path? Honestly, my flat is all that and turns out I have nice neighbours too. After almost three years in Edinburgh with neighbours that I barely knew existed, having people say hi and smile to me is … heart-warming. And oh, my heavens, the town of Kirkcaldy is beautiful! And close to Edinburgh too, if I ever miss the big city.

I still don’t understand how the stars aligned and I got to buy this place. Because my Italian friend now decided to buy a place as well and he is looking, and people are bidding for places and offering up to 40.000GBP extra for a place. And I can’t imagine somebody not wanting to buy a place like this.

So yeah, my last rush decision turned out incredibly well. It still seems unreal sometimes, but all my things are here now, and I’ve been drinking my tea looking at the sea for the last ten days and thinking about the colour to paint my kitchen walls. On the 10th of March, I made it mine by hanging my favourite picture in the hallway on a wall that seems made for it.

I am talking to friends about this adventure of mine, and they all say that they are happy for me and are proud of me. And it feels always weird, I did not build this place, I did not even find it, my Italian friend did. I just made the decision to buy it and stuck with it. I just hate being paralyzed by indecision. Having made a decision allows me to explore the possibilities that become obvious by making that decision.

I’ve avoided buying a flat/house until now, because it involved owning money to a bank for at least 20 years. If I put myself in that position, I have to make sure it is worth it. This is not a decision that I am allowed to regret. When I looked at places in Romania, I hated … almost everything. I hated the matchboxes architecture, the lack of storage spaces, the bathrooms without windows, the lack of parking or crowded parking, the shitty infrastructure, the location, the neighbours. I had the money for a deposit, people were telling me to buy something to avoid my money being devalued, but I always felt uneasy about doing it. But I wanted to like the city, to like the area, to like the building as well. There was always something I felt uncomfortable about. So, I just postponed this decision, until the place checking almost all my boxes appeared.

The only disadvantage of this place is the internet speed. Being a historic building, drilling through its doors to set up cables it not something that is allowed. So, there is a single company providing internet and its top speed is 67Mbs. Oh well, I’ll live.
I guess sometimes not compromising, not being content with half-measures pays off. For me it definitely did, because now I am living in my dream house, and it is mine. Or, rather will be in about 24 years.

As you can imagine, a lot of posts with more details and pictures of this beautiful town will follow.

Stay safe, stay happy!


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