Apr 10 2021

All is well with the world

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… well, not with all of it. Only with mine.

In case you do not have the time to scroll through my blog, and I imagine you don’t after all you have a life and things to do as well, sometimes I repeat certain details. I’ve probably mentioned before, but this blog has started because I was bullied on the university forum. This is how I realized I need a place to write my thoughts where I could control who else gets the right to do this. And my boyfriend at the time was very supportive, so we started this blog together. Then we split, but remained friends, he stopped writing and in time the blog got renamed.

Initially this blog was about my struggles navigating a through life in a traditional country and a male dominated field. In time it became a tool to educate people, to open their minds, to share with them how I look at the world, in the hope that together we can lift each other up and become better versions of ourselves. Because after all, the world is made of people, so changing the world is changing the people

I’ve struggled with a lot of things since this blog was created. My readers have witnessed me breaking down with a broken heart, falling in love only to have my heart broken again. They then witnessed me falling into a deep depression as it finally dawned on me that the tragedy of my relationships is rooted in the past and the defective family I grew up in. And then they witnessed me slowly deprogramming all the shit in my brains with the help of a good psychologist and a lot of supporting friends. Career-wise, you have witnessed me growing from a junior Java developer to a full-fledged architect, then taking a step horizontally as a technical manager and then taking a step back into a Developer role, to be able to do what I want to do – solve problems and create effective solutions.

My readers have witnessed me falling in love with my cat, a cat that learned to open doors and literally stalked me to adopt her. And I now realize she is older than my godson and his sister.

My readers have witnessed me move from place to place, cleaning them up and letting them better than they were for the next tenant. And finally, they witnessed me buying my dream flat, a flat oriented south so it is always well lit naturally. Which is practical since, I’m am pretty much solar powered. And the property the flat is in has a pool and a sauna which are two of my favorite things in the world.

The place is now clean, but it might take a while until I set it up. After all, the lockdown is still enabled here, and I honestly don’t know what to do with it. My parents never had enough money to invest in decorating the places we lived in. Everything was more about the function and less about the look. I am in this new position where I can decide if I want brick tiles on my kitchen walls (I do :D) and what to do with the existing furniture, so it fits.  I am in the position of buying a dining set so I can have at least six people over for lunch, dinner or tea. I am in the position of doing something with the second bedroom.

The world is far from perfect, but I woke up today feeling safe in my little corner of the world. For the moment there is no fight to be fought, no injustice to write an angry article about. I am sure I will find something to rant about soon. But today, all is well with the world.

So, I will take the day to enjoy my achievements, which I never thought possible when I was in my teens. I am thankful to all the people that joined me in my journey so far, as friends, or readers or co-workers.

Take care! Stay safe, stay happy!


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