Apr 17 2021

Secrets of bread making

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Yes, this is a cooking entry. No, I am no expert. And I’m not gonna’ share any secrets either. I’m gonna’ let this guy do it.

I’m just gonna’ tell you about my experience following his advice and my experience with bread in general.

Two times I’ve watched that video, the first time I cooked the bread as in the second example. It was good, the crust was crispy, and the bread was fluffy and tasty. As it got cold, the crust got hard, but still tasty enough to be worth it.

The second time I went for “the big boi”. But I’ve made a few mistakes.
The first mistake is not properly weighting the ingredients. I mean, 10 g of salt, it is pretty hard to weigh unless you have a very sensitive scale. I don’t have one, so I estimated. The consequence of this mistake is that my bread was sweeter than I would have liked it. This mistake can easily be fixed by just making a topping for the bread out of salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

The second mistake is related to weighting the water wrong. I got the right weight, then I realized the water is too warm. I added extra cold water then threw away about the same amount. Or so I thought. Because my dough ended up being moister than it should have been. And this had two consequences, when the dough rose in the bowl with a tea towel in it, it got stuck here and there. It caused me to mess up the shape when trying to unstick it and add extra flower. This caused the extra flower to cover that nice crispy crust and it burned here and there and it added to the bitterness. While managing the dough and then the bread, all the flower ended up spread randomly throughout my kitchen. It was a bitch to clean up afterwards.

The third mistake is that I am not fully familiar with the oven in my new flat, I am only living here for one month after all. The consequence of this mistake is that the crust got pretty dark; way darker than the one in his video.

By this point you might be curious how my bread actually looked. Well, wait no more, here it is!

As for the taste: wow. Like I said, pretty sweet, but the topping fixed it. The crust was crispy but fragile enough to easily break down. The bread core, the spongy part under the crust was bubbly and moist (yes, I keep repeating this annoying word) and I almost thought when I tasted the bread right after taking it out of the oven that maybe the bread was not cooked properly, and the core was still raw dough. But nope, it was just right.

Let me tell you something about myself that you might find weird. I find the smell of fresh bread in a house to be the most seductive thing. I think if I would have ever visited a boyfriend and he would have welcomed me into his house with freshly cooked, hot bread and the house were engulfed in that smell I would have definitely married them.

Ironically enough, I am not a fan of bread normally. I could totally live without it. Which is good, after all, bread makes people fat. But, home-made bread, I can’t resist it. I know there are a lot of bakeries, and they have their own recipes, and their bread is great. But somehow, for me the home-made bread seems way tastier. Maybe it is my brains that is not allowing itself to be disappointed after all the hard work, maybe I am so invested in my creation that I cannot stop myself from loving it or maybe I am just that good in the kitchen. I have no idea which is one is true. But I am glad no bakery in my area managed to replicate my mastery because I would probably spend a lot of money on bread, and I would get pretty fat.

Now I’ll go make myself a little bit of that topping and dip my lovely bread into it for my second lunch.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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