May 18 2021

The true colors of Bill Gates

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When the Epstein scandal exploded, I asked myself how many powerful men were not actually linked to him? You have a shitload of money, and you can basically have anything you want, why wouldn’t you be tempted to have things that society doesn’t want to easily give? And hey, there is Epstein with an almost perfect system in place, to give it to you. Since Epstein was suicided in prison and quite quickly, I think the answer is clear. A lot of powerful men used his services and took advantage of the desperation of poor young girls.

I’ve always had my doubts about Bill Gates. I mean, how the hell do you have so much money and not get corrupted, either because you are a complete asshole or because you’ve made one mistake and then somebody blackmailed you until your hole was so deep you can no longer see the light? But then again, he was able to have a successful marriage for so long, and his wife was involved in all his activities so, maybe he was a unicorn, a powerful man that was actually a nice guy. Turns out, neah … he was either a master of disguise and manipulation, or she made some serious compromises because … money.

There is this legend about Microsoft, that at the beginning of computers and Windows, they allowed people to pirate it, so it would take over the market and institutions would become dependent on it and be forced to pay for it in the future. And looking at how Windows is everywhere now and how many politicians have facilitated contracts to get Windows in every public administration possible, there might be some truth to this legend.

So yeah, Bill Gates turned out to be a creep and an asshole, a frustrated little man that made a huge fortune and posed as a philanthropist and nice old guy, while harassing his employees and abusing Epstein’s underage sex slaves.

I am very curious about what his philanthropist efforts that were supposed to be fighting poverty, disease, and inequity around the world are really a cover for; aside the huge tax breaks that I assume were the most obvious consequence.  If it came out that he hired scientists to try to discover a vaccine for old age so he can live forever, or he was trying to figure out the super-soldier serum so he could transform himself into Chris Evans, I wouldn’t be surprised.

When we find out singers or actors are paedophiles, we refuse to listen their music and remove all their art from every medium. I am waiting for people to do the same with Windows.

But I doubt this is possible. This shitty operating system is embedded in our society as a replacement hip, and poisons everything just like a cobalt metal-on-metal replacement hip does.

I so hate it when my suspicions are proven right by reality. Call me the new age Nostradamus.  :)

Another thing to notice is that Bill Gates got outed quite late, compared to other Epstein clients. We should ask ourselves. Why is that? Is just that he has enough money and influence to be able to keep it under wraps for so long? Or is it because there is another powerful man with a lucrative computer business that was sick of sharing the loot? So, keep your eyes open and notice any new entrepreneurs that all of a sudden seem to rise to the spotlight.

Also, I am waiting for Bezos to be outed as being an Epstein client, because there is no way in hell he was not a member of this very special club.

Stay safe, stay happy and stay away from powerful men!

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    well, still liking shipping news and k-pax ))

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    … and beautiful mind … not liking taxi accidents back in 2014, though

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