Jun 27 2021

Giving you my two cents about three important topics

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Be prepared for a roller coaster, because this entry is about UK politics. Yes, guys I am going there. I’ve lived in this country for three years, I intend to live here until the end of my days, unless they kick me out, or I meet a sexy New Zealander that decides to make an honest woman out of me and move to New Zealand with him and my cats. So, I care, I want to know more and I have opinions. Nobody asked for me to share them, but I don’t care about that.

Here’s my two cents on Brexit. It’s a shitty thing to do, being part of a group of countries has its advantages, the only one that comes to my mind is little or no taxes for import/export operations. And UK being a damn island with a shitty climate, I imagine would appreciate being able to import various types of food with ease.

But, looking at how Romania has managed to funnel EU money over the years for various projects, including the latest acquisition of electric trams worth 2 million euros, from Turkey, lead by Erdogan, that was paid 80% by the EU I kinda’ get  David Cameron’s reason for starting Brexit. I mean, why “donate” money to develop poor countries, only for the politicians of those countries to get fatter, when … you could get fatter on your own country’s public money, right? And believe me, the last thing Timisoara needs is electric trams. But what do I know, I don’t live there, right?

Brexit is a difficult subject and being able to have a vehement position for or against it, is a sign of narrow thinking.


Here’s my two cents on Scotland independence. This is yet another complex subject. If you are born and raised in Scotland, and you are not upper class and entangled in UK politics, I cannot see how you could be against Scottish independence. Especially since the UK leadership is mostly conservative and Scotland has voted at the elections against conservatives in quite higher numbers.

After navigating UK reddits for a while, I can tell you for sure that Scotland is a little bit like Romania’s Moldova. At least if you look at drunken shenanigans statistics, but this is where the resemblance ends. Another difference is Scotland gets taxed more. But is it really? YES. The difference is not big, but in the grand scheme of things, there are a lot of extra money being paid in that by Scots.  The image below shows the differences in tax brackets between Scotland and the rest of the UK. This information, I got it from here and from here.

Why do I care about this? Because I am in the 41% tax bracket currently and living in Scotland.

Also, let’s try to look into the future a little. If Scotland becomes independent, I imagine UK will make trading with Scotland impossible. The past is a sign of somebody’s future, and history doesn’t tell a pretty story about the English. I imagine the politicians in London doing everything possible to makes sure independence will taste bitter for the Scots.

At this point you might ask, but Iuliana, the Scottish Government is the one deciding the tax brackets for Scotland, so they are essentially doing it to themselves; why are you complaining about the UK leadership? I started this section with “if you are born and raised in Scotland, you are not upper class and entangled in UK politics”, it all comes down to politicians being assholes, doesn’t it? Well, I honestly doubt the Scottish Government is not in cahoots with the one in London, they wouldn’t be allowed to exist otherwise. So no… Scots are not doing it to themselves, just a few very corrupted Scots are doing it. Still the UK government is the root problem.

However, for me as a Romanian living in Scotland the decision is pretty easy. Torries are cunts, they are the PSD of the UK.  So fuck them and fuck those that voted for them! If England wants torries in charge, they can have them. I’d prefer SNP politicians in charge, and that can only happen if Scotland is independent. In case it wasn’t clear, on this topic my position is pretty clear, I am for Scottish independence.

I must make a small parenthesis here. I am not particularly fond of decreasing the tax percentage for the people in the highest tax bracket. Me, with my current income, I am pretty happy, and my house is nice, and my car is decent, and all my needs are pretty well taken care for. I mean, I can afford a private dentist in the UK, ffs. This makes me feel like such a snob already.  What the hell do you need that much money for anyway? I will vote with an open heart any party that proposes a maximum income per person. If there is a minimum income there should be a maximum. If you’ve managed to make more than that, everything should go to taxes. We’ll just build you a statue or something and praise you and your family for years to come in the museums and history books, so maybe stop hoarding all that money!? Just saying.





And the third topic on which I must write about, and maybe this is the one I should have started with anyway: the Matt Hancock scandal.

For those unfamiliar with this here is the summary: Matt Hancock (yeah, I know the name says a lot, right?) is the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in the UK and he is a member of the Conservative Party. This is a pretty important position when the whole world is going through a pandemic. He is one of those called “torries”, and for Romanians reading this, when I say somebody is a torry translate it to pesedist. It should make things easier for you to understand from now on. Matt Hancock pulled a Clinton and fucked his aide. But his aide is not an innocent young girl that he seduced with the power of his position. She is actually a millionaire lobbyist. Her fucking him has benefitted her  and her family’s business … a lot. We are in the middle of a pandemic and when your business flourishes because your lover has awarded framework deals to your familiy’s business for some details regarding pandemic handling…. this is no longer about you cheating, this is CORRUPTION.

I’m reading the news, listening to the BBC, and everything is focused on them fucking. It drives me nuts, because them fucking, should not be the problem to focus on. Adult people fuck. Hell, adolescents fuck. Everybody that has functional sexual organs, has, will or wants to fuck. As long as everybody involved consents, there is no problem. You know what is a problem? CORRUPTION.

Now, Matt Hancock resigned and is being all apologetic in the media for his indiscretions and he is playing the cheater part very well. Also, he keeps being apologetic about breaking COVID rules. The press is gobbling it up like Pamela Anderson did with Tommy Lee’s cock. This is the 21st century, we know adults fuck. And we know they cheat, regardless of their religion and political affiliation. This is just another Tuesday.

Corruption at the highest levels of political leadership is not another Tuesday, unless the country is a Eastern European one, like … you know… the one where I moved from.

I am sorry to say, the press in the UK is just as stupid, and just as perverted as in Romania. They are probably having their bills paid by the torries and that is why nobody is writing about the corruption angle. Hell, they have analysed every angle of that relationship and the spouses being cheated on, it’s incredible how much information they have about intimate details. It’s like the press has bugs in thier bedrooms. But … the corruption, the contracts that affair facilitated, which are public records I think, because it is public money after all, that information hasn’t made it in the press for some reason.I am pretty disappointed, I expected this from the Daily Mail, but not from the more serious press.

This is my take on UK politics and current events. I thought you were bored to read entries about my personal struggles, and you deserved something different. I won’t do this very often, but if you enjoy it, feel free to comment. If there is interest, I will probably write more about this, because growing up in a different political environment, I can come up with pretty interesting ways to look at things.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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