Aug 10 2021

Ikea Shenanigans

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As you know if you’ve read me before, I became a homeowner. As a new homeowner I am in a situation I’ve never been in before: I must choose my furniture and I must make sure it fits the house and the other furniture. It took me six months, but I’ve finally decided on a dining table and a chest of drawers to store my shoes in. They got delivered by Ikea yesterday and there were a lot of boxes, to the desperation of the delivery guys that had to get them up the stairs to my flat.

From the start, something was weird with one of the boxes, because it looked like it took a beating, and somebody struggled to mend it with a lot of scotch tape, but I thought, it’s just wood, maybe it will be fine.

So, there I was in my house with a lot of boxes.

I moved the ones that held the various parts of my dining table and chairs to my kitchen and got right on it. And after two soul drenching work there I was, my kitchen had a dining table. The god part about this table is that is extendable, so if I have more than four guests, I can make it bigger enough to support a feast for all.

I took a small break and started on the chest of drawers and that is when I noticed … there were two of them. I went to check the invoice and surprise … there were two of them on it too. I went to check the internet order … yup, I’ve ordered two of them. Initially I freaked out, returning it was going to be a pain, especially since they got delivered from the Ikea shop in Peterborough. I tried calling their customer service, but after two Abba songs I gave up and decided to keep them both. I mean, I do have an empty bedroom, I am sure I will find an use for it, right? I also talked to my friend that helped me choose it, and she said the same thing.

With that out of the way, I unpacked them and I was fully prepared to get the work started, but surprise, surprise, the banged-up box contained two pretty cracked planks of wood, so I just laughed loud by myself as a crazy person, because my problem of mistakenly ordering two of them solved my need for one, and I was getting my money back, without paying extra to returning the extra one; because transport is not cheap. So I called the Ikea customer service and after just one Abba song, surprise there, a nice lady called June answered and I told her about my broken item and after a short chat, the conclusion was that since the damn thing is almost worthless now and the return would cost more than its current value they will refund me in full, but she also asked if I would be kind enough to dispose of it myself. The engineer in me was … sure … “dispose” because you know that I will try to fix it, right? Since it was free, I am going crazy with the DIY’s.

It still baffles me how my whole state of mind oscillated during a few hours from: “Oh shit, I just threw 99 GBP away!” to “Oh well, I’ll just put it in the small bedroom.”, then to “Oh, I’m gonna have my money back and end up in the initial state of having one chest of drawers, it’s like my mistake of ordering two fixed itself.” and finally to “Well, I just got a chest of drawers for free, yeey me!

Now, if somebody can tell me how to fix these two planks, it is not obvious from the pictures, but they are quite bent, I would be so happy.

If you have to take something from this entry is that sometimes I have the weirdest luck a person can have, and that Ikea customer support is amazing!

Stay safe, stay happy!

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  1. falken says:

    uhh, I see you are blogging on steroids now… ABBA songs solve lot of things often )) … try to offer the damaged things to somebody who will cut it and make something totally different from it … :-)

  2. falken says:

    … and BTW, hopes for your great birthdays too!

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