Aug 28 2021

The connection between Scotland and Romania you probably have no idea existed

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As a child with an overly Catholic mother, up until leaving the nest I practiced Catholicism with a lot of fervor. Looking back at that period of my life, it made sense. Mostly everything in my life sucked, there was no hope that my parents would make it better so of course I was willing to believe that there is an all-powerful entity that decided everything happening in the world and if praying and doing all this entity wanted me too would make my life suck less, I was willing to do it. I was a child growing up in a poor toxic family, and my belief in God was the only hope. I truly believe this is how people get to be religious, just take away all the hope and then give them a sliver of it and they will do anything you ask them to.

When I was living in Ramnicu-Valcea, in the church entry hallway, next to the sacrarium (the holy water basin designed to wash your hand, so you make the cross sign with a clean hand) there was a statue of St. Andrew. My mother and the priest of the church at the time told people that St. Andrew was the saint that fulfilled wishes. So, people would pray and fill the box under St. Andrew’s with money hoping their wishes will come true. I was one of them, I was a child and instead of using the little money I had to buy something for myself, I would put it in that box and ask St. Andrew for my parents to be happier, richer and to start being better parents to me and my sister. As you can imagine, that did not work, and I lost my faith in St. Andrew’s powers by the time I was 12.

I am mentioning St. Andrew because yesterday I’ve spent a whole day in St. Andrews. St. Andrews is a seaside town northeast of Edinburgh, on Scotland’s east coast, is part of the kingdom of Fife, the one I currently reside in. It has a population of 16800 people, and I can only assume this number does not include the students.  Although small, St. Andrews used to have one of the biggest and most opulent cathedrals in Scotland and its ruins are still impressive today.

So, what is the link between St. Andrew the patron saint of Scotland and the saint I used to pray to as a child?

Well, apparently according to some most probably unreliable history records St. Andrew is believed to have preached around the shores of the Black Sea. Traditionally, Scots claimed that they were descended from the Scythians, who lived on the shores of the Black Sea in what is now Romania and Bulgaria and were converted by Saint Andrew.  So yeah, the connection between Scots and Romanians is more serious than I thought.

Anyway, while visiting St. Andrews castle and the surrounding city, it still baffles me the power religion has over people. I mean, people seem to never be able to unite and produce something valuable and long lasting unless religion is involved. I just can’t believe we are that stupid and that manipulable. If you study the history of any country in this world, every good thing(and bad) is linked strongly to the religion dominating that country. I don’t know what to think about this.

I sometimes say that people are the way they are today because we have no natural predator, but maybe this is what God is after all. We are talking about an all-powerful entity that can do horrible things and they don’t have to justify themselves, right? In the same way, a heard of lions can hunt down and kill gazelles and the remaining ones need no justification.

Maybe we are no longer building edifices that will last for centuries as a testament of our greatness, because various churches have abused the people’s belief so much so that religion is no longer doing its job of uniting the people against this all-powerful predator. I’m an atheist, you know that, but damn, I’m starting to see the role religion plays into uniting people and motivating us to … build.

Anyway, I’ll probably come back to this topic another time. Until then, just know that this entry is published a day later because I’ve had a wonderful and full day yesterday. I am still in love with Scotland, its architecture, and its rocky seacoasts. If I ever say different, know that I’ve been probably replace with a clone, I’ve been brain washed or have gotten a lobotomy.

Also, I’ve forgot to mention, St. Andrew is not some kind of genie saint making wishes come true either, he presumbaly was an agile and hardy Galilean fisherman whose name means Strong and who also had good social skills. It’s pretty sad that trait was lost to the Romanian people.

Stay safe, stay happy!


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2 Responses to “The connection between Scotland and Romania you probably have no idea existed”

  1. Lavinia says:

    Actually a huge step forward in history came from the separation of Church and State (so well illustrated by the French concept of “laïcité”). And this is where the most remarkable progress stems from. Unfortunately, I do not feel Eastern Europe arrived at that point yet. (Love your blog BTW.)

  2. Iuliana says:

    Thank you for reading my blog and for the feedback. I will do my reading on the French if I ever get to see the castles on the Loire river. In my travels, I’ve noiced most buildings that have survived all over Europe seems to be churches, monasteries and anything associated to them.

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