Aug 30 2021

Changes (part 1)

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I’ve written a while ago that I panicked because I got seriously fluffy during lockdown and decided to get in shape.

Do you want to know how it’s going?

I am currenlty 60 kilograms in weight. I’ve only did two four days fasts. Those two fasts made me remember how it is to look in the mirror and not see myself as fat. I’ve fit into one of my dresses and my pants no longer strangle my tummy. It’s a very good feeling. I am confident and I like myself. I want to keep feeling this way. So, I kept exercising almost every other day. I run about 5 miles on the treadmill, then do some weightlifting exercises and end it all with a pool and steam room session.

I still eat too much(I think), therefore I must exercise so much just for maintainance. However, I’m working on changing that. I no longer have any sugar in the house, but I do have some sweets and I allow myself to indulge sometimes. I no longer snack whenever I’m bored during the day, or whenever I have a task I don’t know how to start, or I’m afraid to start because the specifics scream at me that I’ll be stuck on it until my team lead will save me.

This is the best part brought over by my fat scare and my decision to get in shape: discipline and focus. Feeling good in my skin showed me why it is worth investing my time in this. I know the reason I’m doing all this now. I managed to convince myself to eat only once a day, OMAD as it is known in the fasting world.  During the day, sometimes I feel the urge to go eat something, but it is not hunger, it is one of the above. I am now aware of this, and I keep it under control. Since I am not eating during the day, I am more focused on what I am doing. And boy… does it show! Since I came back from holiday, I’ve kept my fasting and exercising regimen and I am on fire. I can’t remember the last time I had such a good period at work, where I was able to understand fully what was wrong and I had the determination to try multiple things and read a lot of things that maybe seemed unrelated to find a solution.

I’ve finished writing my book, including an appendix for it. All this, while exercising and doing other stuff around the house. It’s so weird, but it’s like time has expanded. Suddenly, I have time to do a lot of things. Well, not all the things. Since I started writing daily for my blog, or writing to recover missed days, there is no time for piano practice during my days. But August is almost done. I’ve kept my word to write an entry for every day. I’ve had a few hiccups, and almost did not write this entry today (or the other one, that will be posted after this one). I am so beat after my workout that I wanted to go to bed. But after washing my teeth I decided that I am being stupid. August is almost done, and all I need to do is write just to more entries. I already had the ideas for them!!

The push is worth it. So, there it is. (This is the discipline, more like determination, I was talking about previously.)

Stay safe, stay happy!

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