Aug 31 2021

Changes (part 2)

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This is not an entry about losing weight and getting in shape, nor about personal growth. I know it might seem incredible, but it is about food. And it is unrelated to any of the previous. I swear!

One of my all-time favourite foods is something that in Romania is called fish-egg salad. And it is literally what the name says it is: a salad made with fish eggs. It translates to English as roe salad, and it is pretty similar to tramasalata. The difference is that the Romanian one has a more intense fish taste and smell and we put a lot of onion in it. I found tramasalata in Sainsbury’s and I like to eat it paired with carrot sticks or green pea pods. Taramasalata is not that instense in taste, and it is a little sour, compared to the Romanian version, it is enjoyable but while living in Scotland, I’ve missed the Romanian version a lot.

When I went back to Romania in 2019, most of my friends that I’ve visited and crashed in their houses, had Romanian roe salad in their fridge just for me. This is what good friends are like, and I am blessed.

Since the pandemic started, I haven’t been out of Scotland, so no roe salad for me. It was a sad time. However I’ve moved to Kirkcaldy in March and to my luck, there is a Polish shop 10 minutes away from my flat, on foot. Polish shops are known to import a lot of things from Eastern Europe. The last time I entered one in Edinburgh I left there with a Boromir cream and caramel cake and a Marlenka cake. No wonder I got fat during lockdown.

Aaaanyway, I went to the Polish shop a while ago, and I noticed in their freezer there were two small jars with fish eggs. My heart jumped with anticipation. If they have this kind of salted fish eggs preserved like this so you can make your own roe salad at home, maybe they have roe salad as well. I looked. Nothing. But there was a label with a price of Negro Roe Salad, one of the Romanian brands that I adore. I was shifting things around in that freezer, like I was looking for Frodo’s ring.

Nope, it wasn’t there. I was crushed, but there was hope. I was going to get the recipe and buy one of those jars with preserved fish eggs and I was going to do it myself.

Today I went to my dentist. And my dentist’s office is next to the Polish shop. I did not need any food, but since I was there… why not get that precious jar of fish eggs. As I got close to the shop I noticed the wall of boxes outside, they had just stocked up the place. My heart jumped with anticipation as I got close to the freezer and …


Yes, I bought 4 of them. The lady at the counter must have thought me crazy. And I got a jar of fish eggs too. I did have a plan to make my own after all.

I got home. I ended up the day with a bang, by solving another issue that was stressing me for a few days and then went to do my workout. After my workout came THE MEAL, the one I was dreaming about randomly for the last two years. You have no idea how motivated I was to work out, knowing what was waiting for me afterwards.

After the workout, I climbed the stairs to my flat. I went to the kitchen and made some naan(I have no bread in the house, I’m trying to reduce how much bread I eat too). Then I spread that precious paste on top and bit into it. You know that scratching vinyl sound, that sometimes goes in my head when stuff is not what I expected? Yeah … it happened. I was eating it and it was good, but … not as good as I remembered. I expected to devour a full box of the roe salad in no time, but instead, there I was moving it in my mouth from one cheek to the other, allowing all my taste buds to re-familiarize with it, trying to convince them that this was the food of the gods I was craving for so long. Nope, it did not work. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t glorious either. And I remember it being glorious.

It might be that eating taramasalata which is a more balanced version of this, might have changed my preferences as to what a good roe salad should taste like. Maybe the roe salad I got is old, but how old can it be? It expires in November, so whatever preservatives there are in it, it should be fine. It has fish eggs in it, if it had gone bad, I’d know.

Maybe living in the UK has changed my taste in food. Maybe naan does not go well with roe salad. Maybe my dietary changes towards healthier food are the cause for this. I don’t know how to explain it. Whatever the case, now I have three boxes of roe salad left, and I have to get creative when I eat it, because I really want to enjoy it.

If that doesn’t work out, I guess I’ll have to make my own and see how that goes.

And this entry concludes my blogging for the month of August. I almost failed this experiment. However, as it happens in software, I went over my deadline, but only with a few minutes. As I am wrapping up this entry, it is 15 minutes past midnight here in the UK. A 15 minutes delay is not that bad, I think. Now that this month is over I will write less,  but hopefully the entries will be higher in quality, because daaamn it was hard to make my homelife interesting this month, so I could produce something worth reading.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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