Sep 15 2021

Hey Anti-Vaxxer!

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Yeah, you! I am writing this entry for you.

On Saturday I’ve had my second vaccine and I’ve had zero side-effects, like none. I did not get a fever, nor muscle aches and no weird sounds in my ears either. They might as well could have had in-jected me with saline, it would have felt the same. Actually, they might have – what if they are doing placebo samples, and I was one of them?

In case I was not given a placebo, I probably now have a microchip somewhere in my body, but I’m already a drone in the system, I work at least 8 hours a day, all my money goes to bills and there is a microchip in my personal and professional computer, in my tablet and in my phones, so they already know what I’m doing every second I am alive. So, I accepted their damn vaccine, because I’d prefer to be a drone that is alive, instead of a dead one.

But you, you my dear anti-vaxxer friend, you don’t have to be like me. Good for you for not getting the vaccine, good for you for standing up to Big Brother, even if you are risking your life and the life of your loved ones doing so. Your kids, they are innocent, and they should be kept that way. Maybe they will die from the virus, but they will go straight to heaven because they are innocent, and a short life of freedom is better than a long life being a drone in the system, right? And if they happen to die, don’t worry, the planet is overpopulated anyway, by not vaccinating yourself and them, you are basically saving the planet twice. I am sure sometime in the future, humanity will see reason and admit that they’ve misjudged you and build a memorial to all anti-vaxxers that sacrificed themselves in the COVID crisis to let the world know the truth.

However, now that statistics say that most people dying from the virus happen to be unvaccinated ones, you must protect yourself. Do not leave your house and wash your hands like crazy and wear a mask. And protect your kids too by teaching them to do the same. Stay inside your house and stay away from the vaccinated drones to avoid contagion. Who knows what those vaccines are doing to us in the long run?

If you’ve read so far and did figure out the rest of this entry is sarcastic, well… might as well follow my recommendations.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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