Sep 26 2021

The unfairness of it all

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When the pandemic started it was Christmas 2020. The first reports of people getting sick in high numbers came from China, and in order to keep the money flowing, and people from panicking, no government or government councils, dared to stop transport of people and goods from that area. We wouldn’t want to upset the biggest communist empire in the would, would we? Especially since we want/need their cheap goods.

So now the whole world is infected and affected. While China did what had to be done and enforced immediate and brutal lockdowns, the politicians in the non-communist world kept postponing making the right and hard decisions until if they tried, people would not have taken them seriously. Regarding certain matters, governing a country is like raising a child. To raise them right, sometimes you must make decisions they won’t like. If you are lucky and they are old enough, you might explain to them why you are making the decision and they might understand and accept it, even if they don’t like it. If the child is a toddler, or a child that has been spoiled and allowed to do all they wanted up until a certain point in their life, making a decision that affects them in a way they don’t like, won’t be accepted, understood, or tolerated and they will rebel.

People that grew up in rather democratic countries, and were provided an average education, if any, are the worst kind, they are teenagers grown up with too tolerant parents. So yeah, if their government tells them to stay in their homes for two weeks, of course they will rebel. If the government tells them they need to get mandatory vaccines, of course they will refuse and resist it. For the purpose of this entry, let’s ignore arguments such as poverty, and essential services, and others, let’s focus on the analogy. No wonder we have so many antivaxxers, antimaskers (I can’t believe these are actual words in the dictionary now) and people falsifying records to show they’ve gotten their vaccine.

I have a sister. When we were growing up, we did stupid things, like all kids do. She was almost 5 years younger than me, and every time she did something stupid, our parents would punish us both with the same amount of beating. Why? I asked my parents the same thing. Their answer was that: I was the older one so I should have taken care of my sister better, so she did not do those stupid things, so I was beaten for being a bad sister and my sister was beaten for the stupid thing she did. This was supposed to motivate me to be a better sister and her to stop doing stupid things. Or the other version was that being the older one I was probably the one providing the idea of doing stupid things and convincing my little sister to do it. So, the beating was supposed to motivate me to stop having bad ideas and/or stop manipulating my sister to enact my stupid ideas. This led to the situation where I was punished sometimes for doing the right thing, but ultimately not being able to control my sister. You would think it would be easy to control a child 5-years your junior, but that is not always the case. Just ask the sister of my godson, that was unable to convince her brother, my godson, to not try to give a haircut to their hamster. (the hamster is alive as well, although it did require a vet visit to check out the piece of skin missing because of the hair-cut)

What does this story have to do with the current situation of the world? Well, currently people are not allowed to travel unless they can prove they are not infected with COVID, using expensive tests. All the people – regardless of if they respected the lockdowns, regardless of if they wore the damn masks, regardless of their level of hygiene and regardless of their vaccination status.

As a person that did all the things right, I’ve isolated myself, I’ve kept away from people, I’ve washed my hands thoroughly, I’ve gotten the vaccine and been overall careful this annoys me to no end, because paying to be tested so I am allowed to leave the country feels in the same way I was punished for my sister doing stupid things when I was a child. Forcing people that did everything right during this pandemic to pay for tests to be allowed to leave the country, feels like an undeserved fine. They did everything right and they are punished in the same way an antivaxxer is. It is annoying, it is unfair, and it makes you want to strangle an antivaxxer, but most of all makes you hate the ones enforcing this punishment.  For me when I was a child, it was my parents, I resented them and made me rebel even more. For the people now, it is the governments, the politicians.

These two situations seriously differ, however. I was responsible for my sister, to a certain degree. Vaccinated people are not responsible for antivaxxers.  It is not the responsibility of vaccinated people to take care of antivaxxers and get them vaccinated. It is the responsibility of government. However, the government is not enforcing vaccination, so essentially people getting vaccinated are getting punished for its inability to do its fucking job. So, of course people with more than two brain cells, that got the vaccine are enraged and for good reason.

What should governments do? Enforce vaccination of course. It must act like a parent taking a decision their idiot child doesn’t like, but it is for their own good. Why aren’t they doing it? Because they don’t want to be considered authoritarian and lose the next elections, probably. In my opinion this is idiotic as hell, because if we vaccinate the whole world and then we get back to normal, most people will praise the decision. The reluctance of governments to enforce vaccination can also be viewed as something else: since most people that do not vaccinate are considered undesirables by our society, a burden because they cost governments money, maybe this is their way of relieving that burden with their approval. It would be considered so smart, if it wouldn’t be so despicable.  Hell, if this was a game of Civilization, this move would be considered genius, and would allow your in-game society to save money so it can evolve.

Have you played Civilization? You should, especially if you want to get into politics. ;)

Stay safe, stay happy!

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