Oct 03 2021

Come at me, life!

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This week has been weird for many reasons. I cannot tell you many details, but a few of them can be wrapped up with a little nice bow in a useful(hopefully) entry.

Things are looking grim all over the world. People are not getting vaccinated in some countries which means there will still be more COVID variants. People that are sick and cannot get medical care because hospitals being filled with COVID patients are having a bad time too, some of them won’t make it through this pandemic. There are shortages here in there, of food, of fuel and others. Prices are increasing, some companies are going bankrupt and some of them before doing so they stop paying their taxes and so if you’ve just had a baby you might end up without any maternal pay. It happened to a friend of mine and it annoys me to no end that this is possible.

In Scotland things don’t look so bad for the moment, but Brexit is starting to put pressure on the UIK economy. Apparently, there’s a fuel shortage. I haven’t driven my car for the last two weeks, and I have an almost full tank, so I’m not affected at the moment. People are scared other things might be fucked, such as food prices. At the local pub where I have my dinner with my friend every Wednesday the prices are the same, so for now all good.

All good, for now.

Last year has affected a lot of industries and companies, we will soon see exactly how much. There will be a financial correction on markets, which means another economic crisis. There is a heavy inflation shoulder about to fall and for those that remember 2008-2009, this will be worse. Of course, people with average and lower income will be most affected because this is just how the world works.  All these are snippets of a discussion I had with a colleague, that is worried for the future is worried for the future of the company we are working for and rightfully so. Any small and medium private companies will be in danger. I understand his worries. If he wants to get married, get a mortgage and buy a house, this is obviously not the time to do it unless you work for the public sector; because the way every society is designed, probably those will be the ones with the biggest shot of being paid even during an economic crisis.

I have more than one friend worried about the same thing my colleague is worried. I have friends that have been already lost their jobs and businesses, my heart aches for all of them.

It’s not that I’m not worried that things will go tits up, but panicking and losing sleep over this won’t help. I am just an individual, there is not much that I can do to stop this. All I can do to prepare and store some resources. Have a full pantry, so I can avoid the prices increase as much as I can. Keep training my brains in case I need to look for another job or switch careers. And since I like the company I work for, the best I can do is to go the Japanese way and accept a temporary pay cut to keep the company afloat if needed. But I cannot allow myself to be stressed by grim perspectives of the future. I need to keep my mind sharp, my brains cool and my heart cold because if I get into the wrong state of mind, everything I’ve worked so far will crumble. If my mind is clear, I can deal with whatever life throws my way. This won’t be possible if I let anxiety about the uncertainty of the future take me over and throw me into depression.

Except minimal slips caused by old wounds, my mind is quite clear. So, come at me life! Give me your best shot. Throw some shit at me! It wouldn’t be the first time you do it, and I’ve survived until now, I’m pretty sure I will again, because I’ve had some training by now.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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