Oct 08 2021

I’ve became a morning person

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My cats have suddenly decided that I should be a morning person. My old cat was very happy to sleep as much as I did, but the little Satan not so much. At 5 or 5:30 am he wants the window open so he can have some fresh air. So, I get up, open the window and crash back into bed. But it is autumn now and the air is … pretty cold, thus I cannot go back to sleep. So I get up from my bed and go have my coffee while playing some piano until 7. At 7 I get into my gym gear and go for some weight training, some cardio, and some steam room time. At 9, sometimes 9:15 am I am back at my desk ready for a brand new workday. Of course this means that I am going to sleep early, but oh well.

The good part is that I am now 59 kg in weight, and I fit clothes that I haven’t worn since 2014. By the end of the year I will post pictures so you can see what determination looks like. ;)

The other good part is that I get to see the sun rise every day, and most days it is very beautiful.

Since I am generous person, I am very happy to share my lovely sunrises with you. Just know that my phone camera does not do them justice.











Stay safe, stay happy!

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