Nov 03 2021

You were born with a spine, use it!

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There is an expression that has haunted me all my life, in a way or another, but the first time it clicked for me that this is one of the core bricks of my character is then I listened to the son Fall for Anything by The Script. This song has a lyric saying: “You gotta stand for something or you will fall for anything”.

I am what you could call a rigid person, once I’ve made up my mind about something it is very difficult to change to back without really convincing arguments. I strongly believe that in order to move forward people must burn bridges to prevent themselves from chickening out and going back, because it is oh, so easy to walk backwards instead of moving forward. It is because the unknown is scarier than the familiar, regardless of the shape of that which we consider familiar. It does take long to change my mind, and when things and people are important to me, I struggle a lot until I let them go, change my mind about it to avoid myself some pain. I am many things, but most of all I am a survivor, and I will cut my own hand to avoid dying from gangrene if I have to. It is a rough metaphor, but I think you get the point.

It is paradoxical to me that we live in a world where stupid people are more inclined to stand for something and face the consequences of their beliefs than smart people, that are able to justify their beliefs, and thus their beliefs should be stronger, because of it, right? Wrong. People that are somewhat smart are aware they might not have all the information, that maybe they did not dedicate enough time to research and thus, they doubt their beliefs and are reluctant to stand for them. The problem is that this world will not change until smart people start standing up for their beliefs too. Sure, you do not have all the facts, but if your belief is a positive one, you should stand by it and you should be willing to die on this hill.

For example, I am against abuse of any kind against children, women, and anybody weak enough to be a target. I do not need to do any research to be convinced that hurting somebody is bad. This is one of the hills I will die on happily.

I am pro-choice, women should be able to do what they want with their bodies, men should be able to do what they want with their bodies, nobody should have the power to enforce or refuse procedures on somebody else. I have a body; I do not want anybody else having power over it as long as I am lucid and rational. I do not need research or other arguments to convince me that every person, should have ownership of their own body. This is another hill I will happily die on.

I am pro-vaccine. I went to school for 18 years, a few of those classes contained a lot of general culture details including basic notions of biology and human anatomy. I know my body inside and out, I know the type of cells making up my body, I know what DNA, RNA, chromosomes, white cells and red cells are and what their responsibility is. I know and understand how vaccines work, it is logical to me. There is nothing to be afraid of. I vaccinate to protect myself and those around me and so should you. This is another hill I will die on.

I am anti-organized religion. This is a very sensitive subject for me. I have suffered a lot because I was raised up by an indoctrinated mother and generations of women in my family have been mistreated and fucked up in the head because of religion. So yeah, fuck your imaginary friends, fuck organized religion and the abuse they propagate, I will die on this hill too. I do not need a lot of research to convince me that organized religion is bad, I remember the history I learned in school and I am reminded how bad organized religion is every time US, Poland, any eastern European and any Arab country is in the news. And if you need more proof just look at how many churches are built in the world compared to the number of schools.

I decided Facebook and most social media are detrimental to my mental health and I deleted all my online presence except this blog, LinkedIN and Twitter and no matter how some friends and family complain, I won’t create them back. If you want to have me in your life, you can have me fully, by interacting with me in other ways, by having a full conversation, by making an effort to see me face to face, not just by staring at my social media pictures and posts and creating a half-baked image of me in your mind. If you are not making the effort, you are not worthy of my time. Social media dehumanizes relationships and I am not getting sucked into this ever again, yet another hill I will gladly die on. I do not need research to validate this belief, this year from February on, was the best time in my life and this is all the proof that I need.

These are a few of my core beliefs. I don’t have many friends that do not share them, but some the ones that share them have given into peer pressure from families and other friends and did religious ceremonies for their weddings and children baptisms, for example. These rituals are important to be included in a community, in a tribe that you try to be a part of. I get it, if you want to be included, you have to do it. The problem is, when you act against your beliefs, you actually allow the propagation of something you do not believe in. How do you expect the world to change when you did nothing to change it? How do you expect your children to live in a different world, when you did nothing to change it?

There is another expression, that you probably know that says the following: the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Acting against your beliefs, is doing nothing and it might take a long time, but evil will triumph.

So, let’s start showing that we have a spine, and start standing up for our beliefs too, otherwise the beliefs that will shape our world will not be our own.  You were born with a spine, use it!

Stay safe, stay happy!

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  1. falken says:

    Well, 8 years back after one breakup and MH370 (beta) I started my personal war against scientology/nazi media evil and its still in progress, the more after COVID (production). So, quite unrelatable anyway.

  2. falken says:

    And antiwaxxers are nazi, sure … so get a jab and fight ’em all.

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