Nov 18 2021

Friends and readers, I need your help with Amazon (again)

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Guys I need your help. If you know me enough by now, you know I hate doing this, but I must do it.

Not sure what is going on, but my previous book, Pro Spring MVC with WebFlux, has a few 1 star rating on Amazon, on sites in multiple countries without any additional text. This is obviously hurting sales. My project manager at Apress asked me to ask some friends and colleagues to add some better ratings/reviews.

Requests to Amazon to delete those ratings because they have no comment, nor an explanation – so they are either bogus or unfair (or their algorithm requires a default rating to function properly, and this is it) – have been ignored. If they are valid, I don’t even know what their problem with the book is, since they posted no comment; so, I don’t know what to work on to make the next revision better.

I’ve worked with German people, and in my mind, if there are no complains, the book was acceptable, but that is not the case for Amazon. Amazon functions more like a social platform (which I am not fond of) where no ratings is equivalent to bad ratings. (Why couldn’t their default rating be of 5, ffs?)

So, if you’ve bought the book and have an opinion on it, please leave a review with it, even if it is not a 5. I’d be just as thankful for lower valid reviews, that will point the problems in the book that I can tackle in the next revision, than higher ones that are there just because you appreciate me as a person. After all, I want this book to be useful to developers, that is the end game, not the sales. Honestly, I will never be able to live of writing anyway.

I know it is not fair to ask you this, especially since some of you do not use Spring daily, but if you have an Amazon account – with enough spending on it, otherwise you are not allowed to rate and review products – can you help me with a high rating? Preferably a 5, to make for a decent average.

Here are the Amazon pages where my book has a single 1-star review. There might be for other countries, but I am just reluctant to look.

Also, proof that the book is not that bad, in Germany it has a few actual ratings with comments and the bad reviews are related more to the book formatting,  than the contents. The formatting is not (all) my fault, but I will make sure in the next revision this will be handled properly.

Later edit: I am an idiot and I was reading reviews for the previous edition of the book. One reader mentioned it to me and I’ve removed the previous paragraph. However, I do have the book at home, and that formatting is pretty bad. That still stands. :) So, how about some help with those Amazon ratings?

I will tackle the technical complains, you can be sure of that.

Another complain I’ve seen in the reviews is that it is not a beginner’s book. Well, yes, it is not, it says so in the book name(unless PRO does not mean what me and Apress think it means) and in the first chapter, in the text, that thing a book is full of and the one you are supposed to read. 🤦

Thank you in advance for your help. Apress offers the ebook in exchange for your help. If you live in the UK, I can offer an actual book with a dedication; I will send it you and cover the delivery charges. (I am sorry I am limiting this to the UK, but Brexit might have raised delivery charges for the EU; I want that review, but I would prefer not to go bankrupt over it.)

Stay safe, stay happy!


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  1. Cosmin Raducu says:

    Thats not your book on

  2. Iuliana says:

    Yes Cosmin, you are right, my mistake.
    I have now fixed the link and I will shortly edit entry, because reviews are scarce in Germany too.
    Thank you!

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