Nov 03 2021

This will be a funny one…

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…maybe… unless you are easily offended and don’t like talking about genitals. This entry is about dick picks, especially unrequested ones. And in the spirit of equality, unrequested vagina pics, I’ll assume this happens too.

This week one of my oldest friends, when I say oldest, I mean… we know each other for almost 20 years, decided in the middle of a conversation that had nothing to do with dicks to send me a picture of his dick. Ok it was a conversation about men, men have dicks, so technically you could say it was about dicks. Anyway, we sometimes have some flirty interactions, but this was out of the blue, out of context and out of … his fucking mind!!! And apparently, he just wanted to make a point. What point was that you might ask? That apparently, I don’t like men because I am bothered so much by a picture of a dick, his, in this particular scenario.

So, just because I don’t like receiving unrequested dick picks, or just because I don’t like how dicks look in general, this means I am a lesbian. I was speechless, but I thought about it, I mean, maybe he had a point, maybe there is an explanation why all my previous relationships were well… they were, they are in the past, no need for any other explanation. Maybe this is why I have been single for more than seven years now, maybe I like women. I did not dismiss the possibility. The more I thought about it, the less it made sense. Why? Because guess what, I don’t think I like unrequested vagina pics either, or like how vaginas look in general. So… does that make me asexual then?

Hm… guys and girls, let’s make one thing clear. Unless the exchange for pics with your reproductive organs has been agreed in advance, not many people like receiving pictures of sexual organs. Dick are ugly, they look like naked mole rats. Have you seen those things?

Look at it and tell me that thing is easy on the eye. Not for me it isn’t. That thing is ugly and creepy and weird.

And vaginas? They look like the interior of a clam. And I love sea food, I like the taste of it, not how it looks, I mean … look at it.

Unless your name is Bacovia, to look at such things and find them beautiful, to feel aroused just by an 2D image of them, there must be something truly wrong in your head.

I know we all should love our bodies, yada, yada, yada. I do, but that doesn’t mean I think my vagina is this wonderful and beautiful thing that I would admire in the mirror once a day. Same goes for your dick, nobody really wants to see that.

You know what most people want? For the damn thing do its job properly, when the time comes.

For me… when it comes to dicks and vaginas, the attitude is pretty much the same that I have towards a diva cup. I don’t really like the thing, but it does its job to perfection.

And yeah, you cannot prove to me it does its job properly by sending me a picture of it. So, let’s stop sending unrequested genital pictures, ok? Some people really do not like naked mole rats, nor clams.

Stay safe, stay happy! (Not you asshole – the so called “friend” that sent me the dick pic – you can go fuck yourself!)

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