Nov 20 2021

This is what determination looks like

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The last time you’ve seen the dress in the picture in this entry, it was on a hanger, because it did not fit me. I tried to find the blog entry where I publicly announced my intent to fit it, but wordpress search is … well, it is not. It’s just not there, the chances of it returning something useful for a search are smaller than me getting laid tonight. Trust me when I say this… there is 0.000000…1% chance I’m getting laid tonight.

Anyway, since August I’ve embarked on a getting fit journey. I am in the privileged position of having 24/7 access to a gym, pool and sauna. I’ve put myself in this position by buying a flat in a building with such amenities. I’ve assumed at the time if they are there, I will be using them at some point. When I got my fat scare in August, that is when I started properly making use of the gym. Since then, I’ve worked out almost every day for the last three months and a half.

One of my goals for the last ten years was to drop about 10 kg of my body weight. Well, that goal might not be possible, because in 10 years my body has changed quite a lot. I think my hips and shoulders are wider and the muscles and fat are distributed differently. I’ve dropped 7 kg. I was 66 kg in weight when I started working out and I am now 59 kg in the picture below. I looked at myself in the mirror and I have no idea where those 3 kilograms would have to come from, there is barely any fat left. Most of my clothes are now loose on me which feels great. It’s so nice not to have to avoid some of them because of how I felt or looked in them. Anything I put on me now, just slides easily and it feels amazing.

I did not adopt any restrictive diet. I did a few 48 to 96 fasts and tried to stay away from processed sugar. I ate less carbs and stopped drinking alcohol. The weirdest thing is that I can eat sugary things, but alcohol is the one that messes up my progress the worst.

I currently eat one meal a day, a complete one with a desert that I cook myself. I am still exercising almost daily just to maintain the body I have now, but it is not that hard anymore. Now that there is less fat on me, I can run faster, so 5 miles a day takes me about 50 minutes. Sometimes I add some weight training exercises to build muscle, so the skin has a pretty support. ;)

What else can I say? I am healthy and happy, since it is the first time in more than ten years when I look at myself on the mirror and I do not see myself fat anymore. Enjoying the comfort in my clothes is not the only advantage, mentally I feel better, because I trust myself more now. Also I enjoy the food more, because I do not feel guilty when eating anymore, after all I know how to burn it now.

Stay safe, stay happy!


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  1. Petre says:


    congratulations for your new flat. I’ve been visiting your blog from time to time and I remember reading about your plans of buying a house. At that time I was too in the process of buying a house in Denmark. ​Fortunately all went well​, just as planned​.

    Can I suggest an alternative to alcohol? Try Tuborg Nul. I’m not sure if they have it in Scotland, but in Denmark they really hit the base with it. It comes in different flavours and this is the only thing that I’ve been drinking in the last few months. Besides coffee and black tea. And milk :).
    If you’re lucky to find Tuborg Nul Citrus, definitely give it a go. You might like it.

    Ps: I could only help you with a review on Amazon Germany. I usually order stuff from Germany because it’s closer .. and because Brexit.​ So Amazon Germany was the only one where I can write a review.

    ​Good luck and stay healthy!


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