Christmas Giveaway

It is again that time of the year, when I free up my house of the books that I get for free from my publisher.

Usually, I give them to friends and family, but the pandemic has put a dent in my plan. Also, even without the pandemic, at some point I will exhaust my friends and family that are interested in having my book in their bookcases.

So, I am giving away one two three fourPro Spring MVC with WebFlux” books with a dedication and my autograph as Christmas presents. Just tell me you want one by sending me an email and the first four of you that are interested get one.

Send your email to: Iuliana[dot]Cosmina[at]gmail[dot]com.

This giveaway is limited to the UK, especially now that Brexit might have modified the postal charges a little and I am paying for them to be delivered, they are presents after all.

So yeah, help me free my house of them and get a Christmas present at the same time. If you like the book, leave an Amazon review. If you don’t like it, write me an email and tell me how to make it better.

Iuliana Cosmina

[Later edit]: All done for the year!

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2 Responses to Christmas Giveaway

  1. Ma’am merry Christmas to you and your close one’s .
    Wish Santa will be give you more surprises that will fill your bucket list.
    As a beginner to spring is it a masterpiece to all or after having spring conceptual knowledge I can refer this book.

    Suraj Kumar

  2. Iuliana says:

    Hello Suraj,

    Thank you very much for your feedback, I am so glad it helped you learn Spring and you were happy with it.

    Happy Holidays to you too!

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