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I am pretty sure at this point that 99% of the politicians in this world are cretins. They are people that if they had to work for a salary, do some actual work they would probably get fired and starve. I already posted a short version of this on Twitter, but it will get drowned by the other billions of tweets. I just really need to keep this somewhere to smack myself after I see one of those “faith in humanity restored” and feel optimistic about this world.

Look at this clip and really think about what you are seeing.

This man is begging for help for his country, and you applaud? What is the applause for? That was not a performance you absolute twats!!! You should bow your faces in shame and say sorry to Ukraine. And then go do something to deserve their forgiveness.

Who elected these people in those roles? They were especially looking for cretins or is the world doomed because it seems all the IQ was depleted and there was none left for the people in that room?

Am I offensive and angry? Damn right I am. Look at the state of this world and look at the state of our so-called leaders!

Leaders are supposed to be smarter, stronger than the ones they lead, that is why we choose them to lead. They should not be afraid of making tough decisions and they should see things clearer than we, the ones being lead, do. But they see a man begging for their help, so his country and his people do not get turned into a pile of ashes and what do they do… they clap like this is the greatest show they’ve ever seen. I feel sick to my stomach.

I hope all those idiots in that room sleep as well as the Ukrainians do for the rest of their lives.

Stay strong Ukraine! Слава Україні!

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