Another day, another sad day

Social media is full of entries about the Ukrainian war, and politicians everywhere talk and still hope for a peaceful solution of the “conflict”.  They call it conflict because this makes it feel small, makes it easier to talk about, because a conflict doesn’t always involve thousands of people being killed.

Me and my Ukrainian colleague had a conflict as well, when he kept reporting things were not working on a component I’ve built, without reading the documentation and realizing that was the expected behavior. That is a conflict. What is happening in Ukraine is genocide and a cleansing of the area of everything Ukrainian. Russians are targeting their schools, universities, theatres and hospitals and any other monument that would even remind Ukrainians who they are and where they come from. Even if somehow, they win this war, putin is leaving nothing for them to come back to. He is cancelling all their achievements and is setting their country back hundreds of years.

Why is he doing this? Read 1984 and you will understand why. And if you feel like reading, continue with The Communist Manifesto, and a lot of things will become clear. Maybe some other day I will write an entry with a summary for you, but I doubt I could make a proper summary of those two books that will make you shudder  as much as the books would.

As for the Ukrainians, they will never surrender. I am not sure if this is valid for all Ukrainians, but I’ve met three of them and two of them I’ve gotten to know a little. These two are the most stubborn persons I’ve ever met. They have difficulty accepting any advice and opinion that they did not come up with. They are both incredibly smart, but so rigid sometimes I felt like smacking the shit out of them.

I’ve interviewed one of them for a position at our company. He was so smart and confident and in such a good mood at the initial interview I thought he was flirting with me. The interview was remote, and it was a lot of fun, but at the same time, in my mind, I was amazed by the balls on this guy. I mean, dude…wtf? I understand we are in the middle of a pandemic, and we all are hungry for human interaction, but control yourself!! Anyway, he was not flirting with me, he is just genuinely jolly and excited about interacting with other brilliant technical people. We started working together and we’ve had a lot of conflicts, because he is very opinionated and I am … not so opinionated, but I have this tendency of interpreting his dismissal of my proposals and solutions as disrespect and I get very annoyed with him.  He probably does not see it that way. Since he is very smart and very confident in his abilities, it is very difficult to convince him to try things another way, especially if you cannot or do not have the time to provide very convincing arguments. And this is the root of our many conflicts because I tell him how to do something and I don’t have time to convince him, I just tell him to trust me, and he doesn’t. Or he wants things to work the way he thinks they work, and it takes him a while to realize he is stuck within a deep rabbit hole. At least, when he fucks up, he admits it, and he gives credit where credit is due.  So even if his stubbornness drives me mental sometimes, he’s got that going for him to make me like him a little.

He stopped working when the war started and if his family was unable to escape the war zone, he might go join the war and I might never see him again. Or he might go fight for his country anyway, because he is brave and stubborn too. I honestly do not know how to feel about this. I barely know this person, but now it seems like there is a possibility I never will and that saddens me a little.

I’ve told you all this to help you understand something. If most Ukrainians are half as stubborn as these two that I’ve met, they will never surrender. They will fight like rabid honey badgers until the last Russian is chased away from their country.

Another thing I wanted to mention in this entry – I’ve seen people on the internet call putin a modern czar. Do you know what happened to the last czar Russia had? I can only say I wish putin would get the same treatment from his people.

Stay strong Ukraine! Слава Україні!

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  1. Cristina says:

    That’s the spirit! Loved your post! Will put the 1984 novel on my reading list. Thank you for your time today!

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