Pet insurance is a joke

Maybe the situation in the world right now has made me more careful with my money, maybe I am getting old and realizing how much making money actually costs me time-wise, whatever the cause I’ve started budgeting and looking at my expenses more carefully. This morning, because of my current situation, I started analyzing the pet insurance I am paying. Which situation you might ask… the one in the picture of course.

I currently have three cats. I did not mean it this way; I had no plans of becoming a cat lady. But when the vet told me my older cat has about two to three weeks to live, I thought I should look for a replacement to keep Mayer, my now middle cat age-wise, from getting depressed. A work colleague had Maine Coon kittens, and so, two weeks ago I got Loki, the grayish fluffball closest to the camera. Now Psihoza, my old cat, decided to make fools out of the vets that estimated her lifespan and almost three months later, she is still here.

As a good and responsible pet owner, this morning I was looking into getting him insured, because Mayer is insured and I thought in case anything ever happens to them and their care would end up costing me a lot, I should have an… well… insurance. Mayer is a troublemaker, he goes outside, imagines himself a hunter and he is always hurting himself. So far, the wounds he has caused himself are small, he just manages to get his toes pillows scratched or a little torn. These wounds heal themselves pretty quick, so they don’t need medical interventions. Mayer is also allergic to some unknown things, and sometimes he licks himself until he ends up tearing his skin and so I insured him.

However, when looking into insuring Loki, the yearly payment for the policy was bigger, I guess because he is half Maine Coon, so I’ve looked into what my policy is actually covering. And I am starting to think, pet insurance is a scam. Here is what my pet insurance covers.

If my pet injures someone or damages their property, I get 2000000 £, to probably pay that person up, or in case they sue me. Surprisingly, it doesn’t say “up to”, but then again, my pet is a cat that lives mostly inside, so what are the chances my cat would ever destroy something or hurt somebody that I would actually make a claim for that? Also, what are the chances it will get accepted?

If my pet gets a lifetime condition, I could receive some money monthly for their care, problem is the bigger this sum is, the more insurance you pay, and some small computations led me to the conclusions that is not really worth it.  For Mayer, currently I have a 1000 £ or more yearly payment in case of a lifetime condition limit.

If my pet dies or needs to be put to sleep, I receive 500 £, so yeah… this is how much my beloved pet is worth dead. Also, you cannot ensure your cat if they are over 10 years old, I think(I remember trying when I moved to Scotland), so yeah… my Psihoza is dying for free.

If I need to cancel or cut short a holiday because my pet needs urgent medical care, I will receive 1000 £. I love my cats, but I would always make sure somebody takes care of them, and if they get sick, whoever takes care of them will take care of it. Even if I run home back from vacation, I can’t do anything about it, but take them to their vet, which any pet sitter would be able to do anyway. So this entry is stupid and ridiculous, at least for cats.

If my pet goes missing or is stolen, I receive 500 £, even for Loki which is ½ Maine Coon and technically more expensive.

If I can’t look after my pet because I am in the hospital, I receive 500 £. Not sure what these covers… my pet dying of hunger while I’m in the hospital?

There is also a clause for if my pet needs medical care abroad, I receive 1,500£ for that. Since I have cats and I probably won’t take them on vacation abroad with me, this is useless as well.

So, what am I paying this insurance for really? This doesn’t cover anything important or that I would end up making a claim for. So yeah … I am currently thinking if I should insure Loki or not.  If for the next 10 years everything needed is the yearly vaccinations and those anti-parasites pills, I am paying about 200£ for both pets for nothing really. I am just giving money away to cover my ass for some hypothetical and absurd scenarios.

I guess if my pet dies or gets stolen, 500£ is still money extra, not money spent so it is ok… but is it worth it though? Because if my pet does not die or get stolen for 5 years, I’m not seeing that money back. And it’s not like me paying for insurance is somehow preventing my pet from being stolen or dying in any way, so what am I paying for here? You might say, for the peace of mind, but there is no peace of mind if I just throw some money into the ether, hope for the best, and then pay for my day to day vet bills myself. This shit is worse then gambling, because with gambling there are some small chances you would win something back. Seriously… insuring a pet is like giving the money to a church and praying for thier health.

So yeah… I am seriously considering not insuring Loki, and I might stop paying insurance for Mayer starting next year too.

I know… I am an irresponsible pet owner. Sue me.

Stay safe and stay happy!


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