Killing babies

As you probably did not know, the US, the country leading the world, the country where milk and honey flows, the country where dreams come true, the most democratic country in the world is planning to ban abortions. Considering the previous statement is 90% sarcastic, it is clear that a ban on abortions is not unexpected. We can blame religious freaks for thier influence on society, but honestly it is all about money and power for a few men.

Anyway, as the weaker member of the species – say whatever you want but most women are smaller in size than the men, and thus society developed to take advantage of this weakness. Whether we like it or not, in any species the gender that is smaller in size is taken advantage of and treated as disposable. There is a fish that transforms itself into a sperm provider appendage for the female. Anyway, nature is lit and if you research enough, you will get to the same conclusion. The gender smaller in size, will most probably always be mistreated. This is our reality as women, and I have serious doubts that demanding equal treatment diplomatically will ever do anything for us, until we get to the same size and strength as men, or even bigger than that.

With the danger of Roe v. Wade being overturned, with Poland criminalizing abortions (yeah, I know Poland is great, look at them how they support Ukraine, but then they do not provide Ukrainian women that were raped with the possibility of an abortion because it is against their laws) and other countries already in this boat, things look bleak for us women. And all in the name of … not killing babies.

I think the main problem stems from not properly defining what a baby is.The lump of cells growing inside a woman’s body, develops without any agreement with her. Hear me out. Even if a woman agreed to have sex and was looking forward to that happening, she gave consent for the possibility of that happening, but once that lump of cells starts developing it does so the way nature has programmed, not the way the woman actually wants it to happen.

That lump of cells does not ask hey, is it ok if I attach my umbilical cord to this wall and suck the nutrients out of you?

That lump of cells does not ask before implantation hey, can you afford enough food so I can get the right nutrients?

And so on… that lump of cells is essentially a parasite. It becomes a baby once it is out of your body. It becomes human once it starts learning for other humans and interacts with them. Some exaggerate and say it becomes a baby thing when its heart starts to beat, but there are people in a coma with brain damage that we call vegetables that have a heartbeat and we have no problem putting them out of their misery, doing the humane thing for them and if some of their organs are good for donation, for other members of society. Once your brains stop functioning, you become a vegetable not a baby, right?

If a woman gets pregnant and did not intend to be pregnant, she should be not only allowed to terminate, but supported to do so. After hundred of thousands of years on this planet we still haven’t learned that children that are planned and desired become the happiest kids and the greatest adults and have the most chances of having a good effect on their communities and every people they interact with.

Look at the state the world is in right now. Do you really think a world where people have been happy and loved kids and have grown in to decent and sane adults looks like this? Do you really think Putin is the way he is because his parents loved him? How about Erdogan, or Trump? Do you really think those soldiers raping women and children in Ukraine have been happy and loved children and are sane adults? And pretty sure you have other examples in mind. Do you really think adults like these are the products of sane and loving parents? And you know where bad parents come from? From other bad parents, or from being forced to be a parent, when you did not have the means to do so, whether mentally or financially.

So, now I’m gonna address the next paragraph to the people above the line, the ones that make decisions that affect 99% of us.  I know all you fuckers view low- and medium-income people as resources and you need a lot of them to suck the life from to feel fulfilled, to feel like you have achieved something, just because your mommy and daddy did not love you, but maybe try it a different way for once. Just because your parents were fucked up, and they fucked you up, instead of fucking up the world in revenge, instead of passing on your trauma and frustrations to the next generation, try a different path. What if you stopped propagating the abuse, what if all this toxicity stops with you? Try aiming for a world where every child is planned and desired and let’s all together see how that world looks like.

Stay safe, stay happy!

Stay strong Ukraine! Слава Україні!

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