Saying Goodbye

There are so many things going through my mind right now and I am trying to sort them out into a consistent entry. But I am not sure I will succeed. I will, however, try.

This morning, at around 2 or 3 am, I guess, my best friend died. I have quite a few friends, and even few really good friends, all of them have however lost the competition to be my best friend to a cat. She died in her sleep, next to me, as she lived most of her last 15 years on this planet.

Her name was Psihoza, and she lived her first 2 years of life as a street cat. It was tough and the consequences of that life would bring her a few times to the vet over the next 15 years. Those years she lived with me, and she was my companion and my friend. Maybe I saved her from the streets, but she saved me from myself quite a few times.

She was fearless, she was stubborn, and she was playful. She was not cuddly, and she did not like to be held, but you might get to pet her about 20 seconds at random moments throughout the day when she asked for it, but she slept on my chest and made sure I get enough sleep when I needed to. She hated sharing everything, especially me and she made no compromises. She was 20 times smaller in size, but she never allowed me to handle her, move her around, or hug her when she did not feel like it. Not without protest, that is. Despite all this she was gentle, she never scratched me unless it was by mistake, and she was cuddly when I needed her most to be.

I’ve probably mentioned her on this blog quite a few times, so dear friends, and readers, she is no more. Don’t send me condolences, those are for people. Send me your kind words if you must, but the best you could do is, in the future, if the chance arises to adopt a pet, just get an older one and give them the best life you can.

I gave Psihoza the best years I could, to compensate for the first rough two. I hope I did well. If there would be a heaven, she would be there. I like to imagine she would get lots of toys, lots of mice to hunt and lots of chicken.

I am grieving for her last, out of her 9 lives today, and I will remember her fondly. This is how I like to remember her, a fat happy cat enjoying the sunshine. The picture is not great, but the cat was the greatest.

Farewell my dear friend, you will be missed!

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