Life During Spring IO 2022: The First Day

Now that things have settled and I am coming back to my normal life, it is time to continue the suite of posts about Spring IO 2022.

The speakers’ dinner ended with a speakers’ drink and thus I missed the welcome session and 10 minutes of the keynote. Even as a speaker I still have the attendee mentality. So I went to this conference to learn, to make a list of the most important things in Spring 6 (I need those for the book I am currently writing), that will be released in November 2022 and to share my knowledge with like-minded people. This means that missing the start and a bit of the keynote did not affect me much. I missed a big chunk of the start, but thanks to Maciej I am able to show you this:

I made my face obvious.

At the first coffee break I hang with a few of the speakers that I met the night before and meet a few others like Philip Riecks. I am quite good at writing tests and re-using contexts, but this guy is a testing god and I could barely wait for his talk.

At 11:00 I went to Matthias’ and Mirna’s workshop “Howto: From source code to container runtime“. I’ve built quite a few images for Cloudsoft demos recently, and in case this becomes a more frequent task for me I wanted to know how to save more time doing it. The workshop was a breeze, it introduced me to and Google’s JIB and I’ve found out a lot more information about the structure of containers that somehow, I missed so far. Following the guidance of the two, I manged to build all the images and the extra one that did not work for them. Because it worked on my machine, a thing Docker is famous for, Matthias’ urged me to share the screen and show the room the results. Which I did gladly, and when I left the room I left without my mac charger, because this is what happens after you’ve worked from home for two years. I retrieved it later and learned my lesson and watched my charger like a hawk after that every time I had to get my mac out. Workshops are not recorded, but you can find the workshop contents –  code and instructions here. If your daily job requires you to build Docker images, you might want to take a look at it. It is a treasure trove of good practices and cool tools. (I can’t believe I almost missed it because my laptop was stuck in the hotel safe, which malfunctioned and refused to open)

After a light lunch – the reason of my lunch being light is because I was so anxious about my talk the next day, that I could barely eat, because otherwise the food was great – I attended Juergen Hoeller(Spring Framework co-founder and project lead)‘s talk: “Spring Framework 6: Infrastructure Themes”. His talk listed the new things in Spring 6 and Spring Boot 3, some of them I already knew because I’ve stumbled upon them while writing my latest book, but the one I am still very curious about: support AOT (Ahead-Of-Time) processing feature to support GraalVM native executables. I do have a chapter about that, so I guess, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Next I participated to Laurentiu’s talk: “Implementing an OAuth 2 authorization server with Spring Security – the new way!

You might say that I did that because the previous evening during speakers’ dinner he bumped up my professional confidence more than anybody ever did so far, but no. I actually picked the talks to attend before the speakers’ dinner. So, I guess the topic he chose was just something I am interested in. As for his talk, I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody so confidently writing code while people are watching. When I write code in pair sessions with my colleagues, I swear my IQ drops by half. Just check him out on youtube when his talk gets posted. You will be amazed as well.

For my next talk I chose Manolo Carrasco Moñino’s “Java meets TypeScript: building modern web apps with full-stack type safety”. The reason behind my decision is I worked a little bit on TypeScript on a Cloudsoft project. He introduced a smart little project called Hilla which integrates a Spring Boot Java back end with a reactive TypeScript front end, which means if you change your Java classes, you will be notified when this causes issues in your frontend. Quite a smart framework and if Cloudsoft does not give up on using Spring Boot, I might even recommend using it.

The next talk was Tom Homberg’s “Let’s build components, not layers”. I’ve always been interested in architecture, in properly structuring projects so that layers fit each other smoothly. In my books I mostly use the 3-tier architecture model: db, service and web, except for microservices of course. This is all the architecture models I know, but in the past when re-structuring projects I always made sure my modules had similar apis that would allow them to be combined in the same way as lego pieces. I like being an engineer, I do not plan on being a software architect ever again, but Tom’s talk was interesting and if I ever decide to make the jump from engineering to architecture again, I will definitely try to model an application using properly-designed components.

After this talk it was time for beers and socialization. I’ve made some more friends and mentioned the more talks I see the more anxious I become about my talk, because everybody is so professional and so articulate and they have clickers. I did not consider buying myself a clicker, but after watching a few people relaxedly presenting using one, I knew I needed one. Allard Buijze came to the rescue and borrowed me his, shortly after meeting me. I was so grateful and hated leaving the party early, but I had to install it and do another dry run of my presentation before my big moment.

Well… I spoke on my own in the hotel room while playing with the clicker until 12 pm, and then I spoke to my friend Cristina until 3 am, since I could not sleep because of the anxiety. Sure, it was at 9 in the morning, in one of the smallest rooms and most people would either miss it because of staying late, or considered too niche, and the ones coming to it would either be hangover or sleepy. How bad did I have to screw this up, for Sergi to never invite me to speak again? I’ve had some fuckups in my life, this had little chance of being one of those, unless I overslept and missed it, that is.

Spoiler: I did not oversleep. I’ll post the entry about the second day as soon as I can. I have been up since 3 am today and I think I’m getting sleepy.

Stay safe, stay happy!

Stay strong Ukraine! Слава Україні!

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